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{little lamb}

Yesterday we went over to our lovely neighbors. Their place is pretty fabulous for our little man. 

When we drove up they immediately pulled out this awesome car for my little mister:

Brody was immediately smitten. He didn't really want to get out. SO, our dear neighbor tied some baling twine to that little car, and pulled Brody along for a walk around the place.

The hubs went and worked cows with them the other day, and heard that they had a bunch of lambs. When he came home and told me this, I knew we had to take the babe there to check these little buggers out! 

{This mamma had THREE! I think that is a lot, but I am not really a sheep guru.}

Brody is a watcher. He sees and hears everything! And this was right up his alley. He was really baffled by these little lambs and the strange noise that they were making.

{I think he loves them.} 

They keep sheep dogs {great pyrenees} with the sheep at all times, to protect them {mostly from coyotes I think}. I was surprisingly shocked at how friendly these dogs were up close and personal. Every other time I'd seen them, it was driving by their beloved sheep, and they take their job real REAL seriously... they were on guard. This time however, with their owners there, they were amazing. {Except for when one excitedly jumped up on me and put a whole in my new Patagonia jacket...poo. Ryan doesn't usually approve of my choice of clothing for farm activities... but I'll save that for another post.} Brody even got to take a little ride on one of the huge beasts. 

He was definitely in his element. 

After the cold wind had gotten the best of us, they invited us in for some coffee, and the best peanut butter cookies I've ever had. Seriously. She is the best cook around these parts!

It is so nice to have neighbors that we love so much. I think Brody wants to move there now.


  1. How cute! I really need to get to know my neighbors. We just moved and live around 5 farms. I would love to visit their livestock :)I'm a new follower :)


  2. So so cute! Great Pyrenees are wonderful dogs. Love these pics...you got some good ones!

  3. Oh my goodness- your little man with a little lamb was just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! PS: I love those boots!


  4. This is so cute! I'm a new follower, visiting from Rustic Living, you're fellow Idahoan!

  5. he is lookin' real REAL cute in that little vest! :)

  6. Gosh, these pictures are adorable! So glad I stumbled upon your cute blog. Xo


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