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{like father, like son}

There is something between a father and a son that makes my heart melt... in a good way. 

{My two misters bonded right away}

It is a joyous moment in our household when "dada" comes home. There is a lot of squealing, and lots and lots of vigorous waving. Mr. Baby loves to go with his daddy.... anywhere. 

When the hubs comes home...

Mr. Baby insists on going.

He is clearly really hard to say "no" to.

The other day the farmer hubs took Mr. Baby all morning. They had a little adventure to Gooding {about 30 minutes away} to pick up wheat seed. And then had to go do a little work to the drill. I think Brody took his work very seriously, because when he came home, he decided he needed to do a little work on his tractor: 

Last night after dinner, Mr. Baby decided that he needed to go outside with his daddy. I continued to clean up dinner, and the same toys that I clean up 209 times a day. After quite a while, and noticing that the relentless wind had picked up again, I decided to check in. This is what I saw:

 Don't ask about the truck! I'm not allowed to say anything about it, in return for 2 car washes per month from the hubs {I loathe washing my car. And it gets dirty a lot... we do live on a farm. Believe me it is worth it.}

At first glance, I obviously thought "where is my baby!" But upon closer inspection, I found him:

Yup, he was in the engine compartment. Why not, right? He was protected from the wind. He was doing lots of "helping" with his wrench, and thought that the dip stick needed lots of adjusting. Plus, he only got a minimal amount of grease in his mouth.

It was a sad sad moment when I had to take him inside. Luckily I had a bath running for him, which made it a little less depressing for him.

{"You have a very nice mullet." Haha... he didn't know I was recording.} 

These two are so very precious. And boy am I thankful for them both! 

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  1. Oh my goodness! Your little guy is SOOOO cute! And I am a former farm girl myself {grew up in Missouri and my family has a century farm!} so you're blog is right up my alley!

    Following you back- can't wait to read more!


  2. Your son Brody is a stud. I love him in the engine working with his dad. Great blog!


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