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{deep fried oreos}

I know what you are probably thinking.... 

"Deep fried oreos? You have to be a carny or obese to eat those."

Well, wrong. {I'm not either of the above...not yet at least}. Although, that is exactly what I thought, before I tasted my first deep fried deliciousness.  I never would have ordered such a thing, and when some friends of ours did, and we all tasted our first oreos submerged in that yummo batter and deep fried, we were all converted.

In fact, we decided to break into the stash of oreos that I purchased for the bday bash, and have a go at making them ourselves. I was a little leery since I indubitably don't own a deep frier, but my dear friend Karli convinced me that we didn't need one. And she was right!

Let me break it down for you.

First, you make a batter. We just used some pancake batter and made it pretty thick. 

Second, dip your oreo in the batter:

Third, put your battered oreo into a very hot pan of oil {stand back yo, that oil will getcha... like fly at your face, burn your eye balls, getcha}:

Fourth, after the bottom side is nicely browned, flip

 This parts get awful tricky... we had some splattering issues:

After it gets browned on the second side, scoop out and place on paper towels {this soaks up some oil, giving you the illusion that they suddenly became healthier}:

SO yummy! Especially when they are still warm. Both of our farmers were pleasantly surprised that we actually DID it and they were good. So were we:

We have come to the conclusion that the only thing that would make them better, is if they were double stuffed oreos. 

Moral of the story: Next time you see deep fried oreos, buy them, eat them, love them. Or, just make them yourselves. The end.

{soon to be} Obese Carny 


  1. ah these look amazing!! I want one so badly now xo

  2. Wow. You are an excellent blogger. I really like your style and you are a good writer. And I loved dancing tonight with your little man.
    Janet Wilkinson

  3. Thanks for you sweet comment on my blog and I love your blog! What fun style you have and I love the life here in Idaho--maybe we're close by, I live in Twin Falls :)

    The Farm Girl

  4. I would never think to try these either, but pancake batter on em sounds pretty good!


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