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Meet Bertha:

No, she's not a juke box. Although, I thought that she was when I first met her. She is actually an oil stove. Yup, she is what heats our house. We love her.

The hubby and I remodeled the original homestead of the farm about 5 years ago. No one was living in it, and when we got engaged and were looking for a place to live, we decided to remodel and move in. One of the only things that we decided to keep from the house was Bertha. I mean, she was raised in this house. 

The hubs recalled that when his grandparents lived at the homestead, this oil stove would roar on high all winter long. We found that there really was no insulation in the house at that point though. However we did find some old undergarments and socks around the door frame when we took it down. That was a little awkward. 

Now that the house is fully insulated {not with undergarments}, Bertha has to stay on low, LOW. And she still heats us out. Mid winter we have to open up windows occasionally to keep a comfortable temperature. For a 60 year old classic stove, I would say she's working just fine. 

Plus she adds a little vintage flare to our country living. Good ol' Bertha!


  1. Hope Bertha would keep the house warm for you as it did for the grandparents! I love the how deep connections families sometimes make via simple non-living things!! And LOL for undergarments as insulators..People were ingenious in good old days!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  2. My boyfriend would love that stove, he wants one when we move.... it's a beauty! glad i found your blog!


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