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{pin it friday}

I wanted to share a couple of awesome "pins" that I found this week. Check. Them. Out.

You can also check out my Pinterest here.

Have a fantastic weekend my lovelies!! :)

Source: bhg.com via Amy on Pinterest

Source: squidoo.com via Amy on Pinterest



{farmer in the making}

My little man is a farmer in the making. He wants to be outside - all. the. time. And when he gets there, he does his little farmer things. He...

drives his tractor:

drives his four wheeler:

makes some important "phone calls":

{Yes, he thinks you put the phone to your neck to talk. He also thinks any object is a phone... like the tape measurer for instance}

tends to his animals:

{notice how much Puss loves this}

fixes things:

stops for a bite to eat:

fiddles with sticks and rocks {By the way, I am not sure this is an attribute of a farmer, but Brody thinks it is a necessity}:

looks cute:

Good gracious. He is beyond words.


{winner WINNER winner}

 I just got this adorb drop waist dress on sale from Anthropologie. Unfortunately {for you} they are now sold out. But, they do have the exact one in a floral print that is pretty rockin' also. AND one of you is about to win $50 there, so you can go and check it out.

I really want to thank each and every one of you who participated in my very first giveaway. I'll definitely be doing more! 

OK... drum roll please... the winner of the $50 anthro gift card is:

{I need to learn how to use the true random number widget appropriately and ASAP, but until then, here's proof. :)}

Nice giveaway :) I thought I was following you before, but now I am officially #71 via GFC! I will now promptly share your giveaway on FB.

Congrats girl! I wanna see what this helps you purchase. We'll be in touch :)

Have a terrific week everyone.


{sunshine and playtime}

Happy weekend everyone!! 

This weekend is supposed to be the warmest of the year {so far} for us in Idaho. I plan on doing a lot more playing outside with Mr. Baby {aka Bro Bro... new nickname, since he's not technically a baby anymore:(} He would stay outside ALL day if we let him. I'll post some pictures next week of all of his recent outdoor excursions. 

Enjoy your weekend lovelies. 

Anthropologie giveaway ends Sunday at midnight and will be announced on Monday!!


{style file 3.23.12}

Three things:

1. Spring has sprung.
2. I am excited.
3. I wanna shop.

Spring Fling

PS - you have until Sunday at midnight to enter to win the $50 Anthropologie giftcard!
PPS - you can still link up any good recipes you have here.
PPPS - have an awesome weekend loves.

{recipe link up}

Ok friends, here's the dealio. I have been having the hardest time being creative and thinking up meals to cook for my precious family. I also think the hubs is getting sick of my asking him a couple of times a day what he wants to eat {he never really cares, and will eat whatever I make, I just need ideas}. I am in a bit of a lull when it comes to what to prepare, and I've heard from some others that they are too. SO, lets share some of our favorite healthy meals with each other!

I'll start.

I can't say this is necessarily my "favorite" because I have only made it twice {both of which were this week}. BUT, I found it on Pinterest, and it immediately caught my eye. You may recall from this post that I am all about "quick and easy", so the title "Easiest Breakfast Ever" was right up my alley. Here you have it:

1/4 cup oats
1 egg {1/4 cup egg beaters for less calories}
1 tsp brown sugar
handful of berries {frozen or fresh}
1 tbsp  milk
1/2 tsp cinnamon

Mix up all of the above ingredients {really well} in a coffee mug. Microwave for 2 minutes. Then it is DONE! Just like that. I found it to be a little too dry for my liking, so I added some milk to it afterwards, and it was like a super yummy hot cereal.

Give it a try, and tell me what you think. I'm sure there are lots of variations to this you could make also.

Now it's your turn to link up a recipe! Woot woot.

How to participate:

  • Link up a recipe blog post {this can be new or old... we just need some new ideas yo.}
  • Grab the button I've provided and stick it on your post.
  • This is by no means required, BUT you should totally share this link up so we can get some more recipes flowing through here. :)
  • Check out some of the other links people have posted, make friends, and get cookin'.

Farmers Wife

Thanks everyone. 

PS - Don't forget to sign up for the $50 Anthropologie giftcard giveaway

PPS - For those of you who had to do the "word verification" thing on any comments you have left me in the past... so SO sorry... I HATE those, and JUST found out it was in full effect on my blog. Oops.


{anthropologie GIVEAWAY *closed*}

Hello lovelies!

I have decided it is time for my first giveaway! I recently{ish} reached 50 followers. Holla! And since I love y'all so much, I figured a $50 gift card was definitely in order. {If I get to 100 followers, maybe there will be a $100 giveaway??}

My absolute favorite store is Anthropologie. In every outfit post I have done, I am wearing at least one item from there. I think I have a slight addiction... and this is my chance to get you addicted also, if you aren't already! :)

Let me just share a few things I've got my eye on:


How to enter to win $50 Anthro gift card:

Leave me a separate comment for each of the following that you do:
{Mandatory entry}
 Follow my blog via GFC
{Additional entries}
 Follow me on Twitter
 Share the giveaway with your peeps via blog
Share the giveaway with your peeps via Facebook
Share the giveaway with your peeps via Twitter

Giveaway will close Sunday the 25th at midnight. I will announce the winner on Monday. Good luck!

PS - I am doing a recipe link up tomorrow. Please come join and share a fab-tastic recipe of yours, and get some great new recipes from others. See you then doll faces.


{little lamb}

Yesterday we went over to our lovely neighbors. Their place is pretty fabulous for our little man. 

When we drove up they immediately pulled out this awesome car for my little mister:

Brody was immediately smitten. He didn't really want to get out. SO, our dear neighbor tied some baling twine to that little car, and pulled Brody along for a walk around the place.

The hubs went and worked cows with them the other day, and heard that they had a bunch of lambs. When he came home and told me this, I knew we had to take the babe there to check these little buggers out! 

{This mamma had THREE! I think that is a lot, but I am not really a sheep guru.}

Brody is a watcher. He sees and hears everything! And this was right up his alley. He was really baffled by these little lambs and the strange noise that they were making.

{I think he loves them.} 

They keep sheep dogs {great pyrenees} with the sheep at all times, to protect them {mostly from coyotes I think}. I was surprisingly shocked at how friendly these dogs were up close and personal. Every other time I'd seen them, it was driving by their beloved sheep, and they take their job real REAL seriously... they were on guard. This time however, with their owners there, they were amazing. {Except for when one excitedly jumped up on me and put a whole in my new Patagonia jacket...poo. Ryan doesn't usually approve of my choice of clothing for farm activities... but I'll save that for another post.} Brody even got to take a little ride on one of the huge beasts. 

He was definitely in his element. 

After the cold wind had gotten the best of us, they invited us in for some coffee, and the best peanut butter cookies I've ever had. Seriously. She is the best cook around these parts!

It is so nice to have neighbors that we love so much. I think Brody wants to move there now.

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