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{one fun}

One week ago exactly Mr. Baby turned one. {Does this mean I can't call him Mr. Baby anymore??}

I had a very full agenda for him on his birthday, and mostly all of it was to be spent in front of the camera, documenting carefully each and every moment. And he was naked {with diaper} most of the day.

I took a lot of pictures. Seriously. I was real, real impressed with myself when I narrowed it down to just 22 for this blog post. 


{I was just checking my lighting - but these still turned out pretty presh}

{obviously I am hilarious}

{I had grand plans of Mr. Babes finger painting a canvas on an easel....}

{... that idea got tossed out the window real quick like}

{apparently we have an artist on our hands}

{Daddy also decided to be an artist - hence the blue hand mark. This was Brody yelling at him - or at least that's what it looks like.}

{diapers are super fun to finger paint also}

{I think he had fun}

 {I know I already posted one of him in his high chair, but he has a tie on in this one...}

{...and I a big smile on in this one}

{sugar free cake with cream cheese frosting = really good}

{he thought so too}

{diggin' in}

{happy cake eater}

{Daddy was helping...}

{...so Brody decided to help Daddy eat some cake}

{he thought that was pretty funny}

{and of course Gunner came to clean up}

{we had some fam over for dinner... he didn't know why everyone was singing at staring at him}

{Naked again. And throwing the tissue out of his gift.}

{He got an awesome play center/slide/etc. from his gpa, gma, aunt, uncle and cous. Clearly he loves it. I bought him a shirt - lame - mom of the year here!?}

Mr. Baby {toddler} had a wonderful first birthday! 

Here are a few things that I have learned in the week, since having a one year old: 
  • Front facing car seats are more fun. Today I had a real good jam session on the way to Boise. My car dancing skills are really improving. Other drivers love it too, I know it.
  • Skirts are not a good idea to wear. When your baby tries to stand up, your skirt comes down.
  • You still don't get any more sleep.
  • Your hair still gets pulled on and your make-up still gets licked off. BUT the hugs and kisses are SO worth it.
  • It is a REAL good workout to carry Mr. Baby around a mall. 

Mustache Bash pics coming soon {ish}. I promise. There were a half million, give or take a few, pictures taken.

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  1. Oh that is amazing! What a magnificent idea!!! Finger paint!!


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