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{NEWsday Tuesday}

Well, this is only my second time doing a NEWsday Tuesday post. If y'all have forgotten, I am sharing with you something new that I have discovered, that I think you ought to know about.

Ok peeps, today is a good one!


This is one killer site. Their products are on extreme sales... for a limited time only. I must have a thing for the intense, stress-sweating, "have to buy NOW" shopping. {I got real worked up over a pair of AG jeans the other day... that were like 80% off! Of course, right when I clicked on them, they had only my size left - destiny right? Wrong. As soon as I tried to put them in my "cart" they said that they were "reserved" and I could be put on the "wait list". Long story short, I never got them. Shoot dawg.}

A lot of their items are well known brands. They some pretty fab clothing for women, men, and kids/babies!

Their home-goods section is fantastic. Furniture, rugs, frames, vases, lighting, bed, bath, kitchen, dinning. On occasion they have Capri Blue candles... which I love.

And I have to say, as a new{ish} mommy... they have a lot of great things for kids and babies, and not just clothing! Currently they have sales going on for baby carriers, diaper bags, toys, books, etc. That makes me excited.

I am on here at least once a day to see what steal of a deal I can snag. So far, only one purchase {not that I haven't tried for more!}:

This a_line watch was originally $700. And I got it for under $100! I have been looking for a chic everyday watch, and I think this fits the bill!

My good friend Karli just got this pair of Hunter boots. For 40% off. Impressive? Yes.

Also, if you invite your friends to Gilt through email, you will get a free $25 to spend when they make their first purchase. Free money is pretty fab-tastic!

Happy shopping everyone! Hope you can snag some good stuff, before someone else gets to it!


  1. ohmygoodness, I LOVE Gilt too! I'm on a spending freeze, so their daily emails are torture sometimes ;) so happy I stumbled on your blog! I peeked through your past posts and think you'd be an INCREDIBLE contributor for Friday's Fancies. I'd love to have you :) Have a happy Tuesday! xoxo {av}

  2. it's russell. :) i TOTALLY told him i bought "irrigating/gardening" boots a few days ago. but then today he said, "i didn't know you bought boots." and i was like, "I TOLD YOU!" he's silly.


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