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{mustache bash pt. 2}

Okay. Here is the last of the mustache bash.  We had a killer photo booth set up, with some pretty rad props. Unfortunately, the glare from the ginormous window caused a couple of the pictures to be a little bit spotty. I need photoshop. Like, yesterday. 

{Milk, does a body good...He had just finished his last question of the "game about Ryan"... the question was, "In how many bites can Ryan finish a cupcake?" He did it in one.}

Alright, that is all the party pics for now... until I throw another shindig. I think I will take a good three day nap before thinking about throwing another party though.

On another note, Happy Presidents Day! Not really sure what it is that we are celebrating... except some great sales on mattresses??


  1. Great pictures! It looks like everyone got really into the props!

  2. These are awesome! Wow! Travis has three girls to adore and they're so cute!


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