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{holy moly}

So, it seems as though my family has been infected with the plague. You know, the one that spreads rapidly, there is no cure for, and wipes out 60% of the people infected? No. Not that one, although it feels like their related. This is the one that causes extreme sore throats, runny nose, and nasty barky coughs. Oh, whats that? Sounds like a cold? Whatever... it feels like I'm dying yo.

This is Mr. Baby's first cold, and boy is it pitiful! If only he could blow his nose. You should see some of the efforts we put into him getting that gunk out. Disgusting really. He can now list "snot" as one of his bodily excretions he's gotten all over me. I don't know why I insist on getting dressed nicely everyday. I am about to enforce a strict sweatpants only rule in the house. Despite his rattly/open mouth breathing and consta-snot, he is quite busy.

{Using his play center as a tunnel. It also appears as though he has a mohawk. Weird. In real life, it is a good ol' fashioned mullet. The hubs says we can't cut it yet. We've got a real Joe Dirt in the making here.}

Happy Tuesday everyone. Stay healthy.

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