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{diy rubber stamp}

As you probably know, {because I think I have mentioned it in about every post in the last couple of weeks} I am throwing a mustache bash for the two misters in my life.... THIS weekend, yikes!  Anywho, I wanted a mustache stamp. And I couldn't find one. Even if I could, it probably would have been outrageously expensive. SO, I decided to make one. Here is what I did:

I bought a two pack of pink erasers for 99 cents. {awesome, right!?}

Cut out a picture of a mustache that I printed from the internet.

Traced around the mustache onto the eraser.

Pulled out the trusty exacto knife.

And began sawing away....

Here you have the finished product:

I am pretty jazzed about it. I'll point out where it was used in the pictures of the party... which hasn't happened yet... but I will make sure to get some good pictures for sure!

Happy stamp making.

1 comment:

  1. What a super cool, but really simple idea! I want to make one and stamp them on my friends when they're not looking! :P

    Just dropping by from #FF. :)


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