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{holy moly}

So, it seems as though my family has been infected with the plague. You know, the one that spreads rapidly, there is no cure for, and wipes out 60% of the people infected? No. Not that one, although it feels like their related. This is the one that causes extreme sore throats, runny nose, and nasty barky coughs. Oh, whats that? Sounds like a cold? Whatever... it feels like I'm dying yo.

This is Mr. Baby's first cold, and boy is it pitiful! If only he could blow his nose. You should see some of the efforts we put into him getting that gunk out. Disgusting really. He can now list "snot" as one of his bodily excretions he's gotten all over me. I don't know why I insist on getting dressed nicely everyday. I am about to enforce a strict sweatpants only rule in the house. Despite his rattly/open mouth breathing and consta-snot, he is quite busy.

{Using his play center as a tunnel. It also appears as though he has a mohawk. Weird. In real life, it is a good ol' fashioned mullet. The hubs says we can't cut it yet. We've got a real Joe Dirt in the making here.}

Happy Tuesday everyone. Stay healthy.


{things that make me smile}

There are definitely lots of things that make me smile, however the following were some that just came to mind, and obvi they are mostly about my mister baby snuggle bunny boo {yea, I don't like that one either... trying to come up with something other than "Mr. Baby" for him, now that he is a whole year old! My hubby said we can still call him Mr. Baby though :)}

Whole family dance parties {yes even Gunner enjoys a little boogy time}. We turn on some solid beats, and get our groove on. Little mister B is quite a booty shaker!

This is as good of a shot as I could get... I'll keep trying. He gets a little glazed over with phone envy instead of dancing when I pull out the ol' iPhone. 
Also, don't mind the exposed wires in the background. They're compleeeetly safe. Mr. B has only bitten them once. Kidding! Kidding. Well, he probably would if I let him. Or, if I wasn't looking. Anywho, I am trying my hand at being an electrician. I'm about to call in the big guns though, because I once tried to be a plumber. I installed a faucet in our guest bathroom. It works just fine. But, every time a guest comes over and uses it, they get sprayed. Directly, smack dab, right square in the crotch! Hilarious? Yes. Practical? No. Let's just say, I don't use that sink. 

Getting cuddles from my boy. Seriously this is the best. Like, melt my heart, wanna freeze time by putting my two index fingers together, best. {DO you guys remember that show, Out of This World? The girl could freeze time by pointing her two index fingers together. Her dad was some outerspace guy, who spoke to her from this weird box on their coffee table. Strange. But, it was like my fav show when I was little.} Anyway, it's true. I want to stop time and embrace these moments forever, because someday, probably much sooner than I would like, he won't want my snuggles. Boo.

Cleaning up dinner and listening to the hubs and Mr. B giggle while getting him {the babe} ready for his bath. I'm not real sure what they do, but I hear a lot of manly grunting, and boy stuff. Followed by an occasional high pitched squeal from my Brody-boy. I swear he thinks he is part bird.

Hearing that my hubby's grandma watches the Bachelor.

On a totally separate note, one thing that doesn't make me smile, and makes me real nervous:
Seeing the gas man come to fill up our bulk tanks, while smoking a cigarette!!!!! I mean, come on. Really? He must hate his life. However, I really like mine, so dear gas man: please stop smoking around our house while filling up our tanks with highly explosive liquid, called gasoline. Thanks.

ps. it's my brotha's bday - holla!

pps. *7 hours later* I got yet another dancing video of the babes. Yes, probably overkill, but I thought it might be worse to do a whole new post on it :)


{NEWsday Tuesday}

Well, this is only my second time doing a NEWsday Tuesday post. If y'all have forgotten, I am sharing with you something new that I have discovered, that I think you ought to know about.

Ok peeps, today is a good one!


This is one killer site. Their products are on extreme sales... for a limited time only. I must have a thing for the intense, stress-sweating, "have to buy NOW" shopping. {I got real worked up over a pair of AG jeans the other day... that were like 80% off! Of course, right when I clicked on them, they had only my size left - destiny right? Wrong. As soon as I tried to put them in my "cart" they said that they were "reserved" and I could be put on the "wait list". Long story short, I never got them. Shoot dawg.}

A lot of their items are well known brands. They some pretty fab clothing for women, men, and kids/babies!

Their home-goods section is fantastic. Furniture, rugs, frames, vases, lighting, bed, bath, kitchen, dinning. On occasion they have Capri Blue candles... which I love.

And I have to say, as a new{ish} mommy... they have a lot of great things for kids and babies, and not just clothing! Currently they have sales going on for baby carriers, diaper bags, toys, books, etc. That makes me excited.

I am on here at least once a day to see what steal of a deal I can snag. So far, only one purchase {not that I haven't tried for more!}:

This a_line watch was originally $700. And I got it for under $100! I have been looking for a chic everyday watch, and I think this fits the bill!

My good friend Karli just got this pair of Hunter boots. For 40% off. Impressive? Yes.

Also, if you invite your friends to Gilt through email, you will get a free $25 to spend when they make their first purchase. Free money is pretty fab-tastic!

Happy shopping everyone! Hope you can snag some good stuff, before someone else gets to it!


{mustache bash pt. 2}

Okay. Here is the last of the mustache bash.  We had a killer photo booth set up, with some pretty rad props. Unfortunately, the glare from the ginormous window caused a couple of the pictures to be a little bit spotty. I need photoshop. Like, yesterday. 

{Milk, does a body good...He had just finished his last question of the "game about Ryan"... the question was, "In how many bites can Ryan finish a cupcake?" He did it in one.}

Alright, that is all the party pics for now... until I throw another shindig. I think I will take a good three day nap before thinking about throwing another party though.

On another note, Happy Presidents Day! Not really sure what it is that we are celebrating... except some great sales on mattresses??


{mustache bash pt. 1}

Here is the first batch of mustache bash pictures, from a week ago. I left out all of the posed photo booth pics, and there will be one BIG post with all of those. :)  Until then, here is the decor. I tried to link up where I got most things, but if there is something specific you are wondering about don't hesitate to shoot me an email or a comment, and I'd be glad to help!

{photo booth props}

{photo booth in background... hand cut the triangles out of scrapbook paper and strung on hemp. That,  over a bunch of burlap + an old wood door =  perfection}

{whoopie pies}

{mustache sugar cookies}


{oreos, yum.}

{plates, forks, homemade napkins}

{food table: cupcakes, oreos, m&m's, kisses, fruit salad, birthday cake, chocolate dipped pretzels, sugar cookies, whoopie pies, brownies, and CAKE POPS! Whipped up the little blue and red circle fans out of scrapbook paper, and glued some mustaches to the middles.}

{pick your nose cups... these were hilarious!}

{super cute pop stache's}

{milk in vintage bottles with striped paper straws}

{wet your whiskers}

{thirsty anyone?}

{Mr. B's spot}

{Not the best picture... BUT I forgot to take pics of the whole room or the centerpieces before people started arriving. On the tables, I bought a bunch of frames at thrift stores, sanded them down and painted them red or blue. Then I put pictures of the two birthday boys in them. I also had mason jars with mustaches/bow ties on sticks in them, with the balloons tied to that.}

{mustache stamp in action... these papers were passed out to all of the guests to answer some questions (that I asked) about Ryan.}

{my little mister wearing his birthday tie shirt - isn't it perfect!!?}

I was quite pleased with how everything turned out. However, it never ceases to amaze me how much time/effort can go into planning a party... and then before you know it, it's over. Done. And the tear down takes about 5 seconds to tear down. Hot dang.

Hope y'all are enjoying your long weekend!! We're spending ours sick, and in bed. ugh.


{style file 2.17.12}

Wednesday I went to Boise. And I came home with a J.Crew credit card. Weird how that works. I think it is safe to say 3 things:
1. This could be dangerous.
2. I love J.Crew.
3. And completely unrelated, I am elated it is the weekend.

J to the Crew

Happy Friday everyone!

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