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{xmas past}

Before it gets too far away from Christmas, I need to share some Christmas day photos. It is definitely a picture overload, so prepare yourselves for some cuteness!

{morning snuggles}

{opening stockings}

{Mr. Baby is parched}

{first gift of the day given to Aunt Nonnie, a true classic}

{Mr. Babes drum set from Pappy... which he loves!}

{Uncle Ian with Santa Baby}

{Mr. Baby was helping open the last "big" gift... Zaza cried, so it was a success!!}

{Trying out his new bouncy car from Zaza and Pappy}

{Head Butting challenge}

{Daddy won}

{tickle, tickle, tickle}

{admiring his Aunt Nonnie}

{he kept his little hat on ALL day, what a good little elf}

{feeding Kahlua some carrots}

{they say if you blow into a horses nose after not seeing them for a while, they will remember you... i always give it a shot, but i am pretty sure she could care less}


{yup, my lovely red TOMS amongst the horse dung}

{Mr. Baby was quite fascinated}

{Mr. Baby wanted to help}

{a little baby throwing was in order}

{rocking the Christmas colors}

{check out those cheeks!}

{kiss, kiss. kiss}

Mr. Baby's first Christmas was great. Except for the explosive diaper he had... that would explain his outfit change. Nasty.

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