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{work, work, work}

Normally in the winter, farmers get time off. However... this winter has been unusually dry {don't get me wrong, it is still freezing cold... just no snow/moisture}. This means that the hubs is still busy working {much to his dismay - he's been doing the snow dance lately, because he wants to go snowmobiling... BAD}. They are currently working on clearing some ground so a pivot can be installed. Mr. Baby and I decided to go and check out the progress the other day.

{He was pretty excited to go and check things out. Look at all of his teeth!}

{Daddy immediately took Mr. Baby to "help" him}

{Off they go}

{Gunner was even helping clear the brush out}

{Mr. Baby is such a good helper!}

{I think Gunner was a little jealous}

{I on the other hand, was not much help}

{What a mess... the good news is, it is almost ALL cleaned up now}

{aren't they handsome!?}

{a little blingy bling on the farm}

 {Gunny was getting some lovin' - Brody sure loves him!!!}

{not thrilled to leave... he wanted to stay and "help" longer}

The tree/clearing project is just about finished, and so is our 2012 farm budget!!! We are rockin' the book work. All time record this year! Whoop. 

PLUS, good news for the hubs... we are heading up into the mountains for about a week, where there is lots of snow. So he gets to go snowmobiling finally.


  1. love all the pictures :) just found your blog from hollies link up and i'd love for you to follow me back!


  2. i LOVE these pictures, and you are beautiful and your baby...precious!

    i am a new follower over from hollie's blog! so glad i found you. :-)


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