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{week in the snow}

We got back last night from a week up in the snow. It was a fun filled week! The fella's stayed quite active skiing, snowmobiling, and playing racquetball. I, on the other hand, feel like I filled my week with mostly eating ice cream, pancakes, donuts, peanut butter m & m's, etc. I did take my tush to the club twice however. One day I really got my burn on, and the other I played 6 games of racquetball - none of which I won. {Talk about feeling uncoordinated - geez - at least I got off a couple of solid hits, and only got smoked 15 to 0 on one game. Lame.} Good news is, somehow I lost a pound!  I am still waiting for the el bee's {lb's} to show up on the scale any day now.

The hot tub was also a hit, especially with SeƱor Bebe. There was a perfect spot for him to stand, on the outside, and he stuck his hands in and splashed his little heart out! What a little trooper.

Mr. Baby was SO excited that his cousin Caleb came to spend the week there. They are pretty hilarious to watch!

Vacations are quite different now that Mr. Baby is in our life. Still fun, just different. We spent a lot of time in the condo while the babies slept and played... and I ate. The weather wasn't great, so we couldn't take them out much, that would also mean I would burn calories, which wasn't a part of the plan, so it all worked out great. :)

Since I was unable to share pictures throughout the week, like I had planned, what better way to share than another picture overload!!

{first seeing Caleb... he had gone to bed the night before with no one in the condo, and woke up to a full house}

 {giving some love}

{the stairs/railing were a real high for the babe}

{workin' it}

{can you see Brody helping in the kitchen? :)}

{straight arm to the face}

{playing with the coveted remote, that he surely took from Caleb}

{bundled up on a walk} 

{the style file outfit I wore pretty much all week}

{getting their read on}

{cuddles with Auntie}

{"are you still taking pictures Mommy!?"}

{they decided to start a band}

{they take band practice quite serious}

{Mr. Babe was very fascinated with falling snow!}

{trying to catch snow in their mouths}

{Caleb trying to catch a few zzz's with his daddy}

{photo shoot in the snow... he makes my heart hurt - in a good way}

{love that one little dimple!}

{nothing quite like a fur hood, ugg boots, and an ADORB little man} 

 {waving to Daddy... it is more like a "what up" shake of the hand - his palm usually faces him - such a gangsta}

{lovin' the snow}

{on the way home}


  1. Your family is completely adorable!
    Looks like an awesome trip!

  2. PRECIOUS! photos! New follower from #followfriday! Hope you have a great Friday & great weekend!


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