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When I was growing up in the Napa Valley, I used to see tourists taking pictures in the vineyards all of the time. I didn't think much of it, as it seemed to be what tourists did. WELL... as we were driving past the vineyards last month, I got the urge. The tourist urge. "Uh... maybe we should pull over... and take some pics in the vineyard?" I mentioned to my mom and the hubs {and Mr. Baby, but he was sleeping and didn't care much about what I had to say}. So we did it. Of course! I haven't lived there in so long, I guess I could be considered a tourist now, and I have the pics to prove it.


{isn't he handsome!?}

{checkin' out the grapes}

{uh... this was Ryan's idea... they were nasty!}

{posin' with the fruit... looking awkward, no big deal.}

BTW... I need HELP! Remember how I mentioned that it has been about a year since I have cut my hair?? Well, it is time to change that! I have an appointment this coming Monday. BUT, now I am at a loss of how to cut it! It is ultra thin... I mean, really uberly thin! So, even though I love the look of long hair {mostly on others} having mine long gets real REAL annoying... especially when it gets just a touch of static electricity in it, and it clings to my face making me feel claustrophobic. Never happened to you? Hmm.. never mind.

No more top knot for me I guess. Whatevs.

So here is what I am looking for... pics, links, ideas, anything!! Thanks.

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