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I realized recently, that I have never done a post introducing ya'll to our precious canine. His name is Gunner {aka: dobearski, gunny, pupper, bobos, numbnuts (that's one of Ryan's... NOT mine), bobees, etc...}. He is ever-so-precious!!! {most of the time}. On occasion, he rolls in cow manure or dead fish from the river, and then we don't think he is too darling. He gets confused because he thinks he has just rolled in the best smelling cologne a farm has to offer. Wrong!

We got him 2 years ago exactly! We had just lost our first dog {Dozer}, and didn't wait long before we found this adorable little guy in an animal shelter about an hour from our house.

We originally found another pup online, at the same shelter, that we thought we would get. When arriving there, they brought out 3 puppies. Immediately we thought that he was the cutest of the three. He put on quite a show for us also. Needless to say, he got to come home with us.

{as he grew, he thought he should still fit into his same little bed... it got kinda snug!}

I am pretty sure he feels right at home. Negative: he snores and toots loudly. Positive: he is a cuddle buns!

Unfortunately, he is also VERY accident prone. On a walk once he went to jump over a farm implement, and didn't quite judge the distance correctly... he put a large gash on his back leg that had to be stitched up. He has also torn off many of his little pooch toe nails - ouch! 

However, there was one accident that takes the cake! Ryan was hauling a four wheeler in the back of his pickup 2 summers ago, so he could cruise out to the middle of the pivots while irrigating. Gunner was also in the back of the pickup. He got to this one particular field, about 20 miles from home, and realized Gunner wasn't in the back of the truck anymore. He had seen him in the back close-ish to the field, so he knew he would have fallen or jumped within a 5 mile range. He looked for him for quite a while before calling home to ask me if somehow he had made his way home. He hadn't. I was dressed and ready to go to church, but threw on my jeans and tennis shoes and hauled tail over to look for my dear dog. We searched for HOURS!! He was no where to be found. We called the local animal shelter, the vet and animal shelter we got him from {their numbers were on his tags}, went to people's houses to see if they'd seen him, etc. A close friend of mine who lived nearby searched too. Right as we were debating going home, my friend called. "WE FOUND HIM! And he's alive!!" I was so grateful... although I wish we could have found him a little before I became a blubbering lunatic to some people around town - oh wellski! 

Turns out, he probably jumped from the truck after a stop sign {half mile or so}, because he didn't like the four wheeler cramping his style, and as Ryan accelerated, the four wheeler moved. He was probably going a good 40 mph. And the above pic shows some of the damage. It doesn't show his underside however, that was far too nasty to photograph.

He has healed up quite nicely, and is back to being a little snuggle bunny.

He even liked to snuggle Mr. Baby before he was born. {This was the day before Mr. Babes arrived... I was a whale! Geesh.}

He also likes to snuggle with SeƱor Bebe while he isn't in the womb. He's the best {minus the nasty breath}.

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  1. I feel like your dog is the long lost brother of my dog, Sienna! Those pics of Gunner (esp. when he was littler) look SO much like my dog! Crazy. Glad he's survived all his scrapes! My little girl doesn't get in accidents so much, but seemed like for the first year she got every kind of sickness possible - hives, stomach issues, ear infections, etc. Much better now, though. :)

    See here: http://a8.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/33476_530905804113_7796609_n.jpg

    And here: http://a5.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/74315_532280209793_76201544_31346289_1455714_n.jpg

    And here: http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/149433_532382988823_76201544_31347962_4292469_n.jpg


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