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{good and bad}

Good news: I have already lost the 5 lbs of Christmas cookies that I gained! Holla.

Bad news: I made a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies last night.

Good news: I gave them away {after eating pleeeeenty}.

Bad news: Mr. Baby woke up at 5:30 am, and wouldn't go back to sleep.

Good news: The Hubs is amazing, and took him until 7:30, then the babes was ready for his nap... moral? I got to sleep until 9. NINE O'CLOCK!

Bad news: I haven't finished unpacking from our Cali trip.

Good news: My mom is coming tonight!!! She is a pro at playing with Mr. Baby so I can get miniscule things like unpacking completed. It's the small things peeps.

Bad news: She is only staying until Monday.

Good news: Kendra the chicken, is doing much better! She is back to being the Queen of the three.

Bad news: I got peed on. By Mr. Baby. Yea. It's not the first time. Nor the last.

Good news: The Christmas decorations were taken down before April! Whoop! Three cheers for me!!!

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