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{did you know? pt. 2}

1. I gained 5 solid pounds over the holidays. No. Seriously. 5 LBS! Ugh. I love me some Christmas cookies... maybe a little too much.

2. I recently joined Twitter. Woot woot. BUT I feel like a big 'ol idiot because I'm not real sure how to use it yet.

3. I like to add "ski" or "skers" to the end of many words in my vocabulary. Get excited... you'll be seeing this. One of my favs is "whatevskis." I know, awesome, right?

4. The Bachelor started up last night. Garbage, straight up garbage. And I love it!

5. I found an inch long hair on my arm. Nasty, weird, appalling, gross... any of those words will do.

6. Swiffer dusters are a-maz-ing!

7. We are almost out of puffs for Mr. Baby.... this might be an emergency. He is kind of addicted.

8. Some close friends of ours were sharing about Mr. Baby to their friends, and the little 2 year old decided Mr. Baby should be called Señor Baby. I like it. A LOT.

9. Señor Baby seems to be growing a mullet.

10. I am REAL excited to get my new iPhone in the mail any day now.

11. Last, but certainly not least, the Hubs wore a pink polka dot apron the other day. Smokin'!

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