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Happy twenty twelve!!

Mr. Baby had a hard time getting to sleep once the new year arrived {he must have been real excited just thinking about all of the things he is going to conquer this year}. And then he decided that he wanted to be up and at 'em at about 7. Normally that is fine, however this momma didn't get to bed until far too late, and when 7 rolled around, I had that scratchy throat feeling... the one that you feel RIGHT before you come down with the plague. Luckily The Hubs is amazing, and he got up with Mr. Babes and I got to sleep... for another hour! Glorious! I ALSO took Mr. Baby's first nap with him, so I am feeling much better now. I wouldn't have wanted to start of this awesome year being a sicko.

Well, nothing starts off a year better than some good old fashioned impromptu resolutions. So here are mine:

1. Floss more

2. P90X it up

3. Get crafty

{notice the wording on the above three... I am being a little proactive because I don't want to set myself up for an epic fail this year.}

4. Build a 15 foot high, concrete, super duty wall along the road in front of our house. {Mr. Baby is going to start walking/running this year people... we need a barrier! Maybe not 15 feet high, or concrete, but something.}

5. Think of some better resolutions.

I hope that you all have an amazing 2012. I have good feelings about this one!

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  1. hey! jessica de lee sent me your blog! i'm also a sd blogger! i go to some blogger meet ups if you'd ever want to join :)

    a 15 feet wall would be hilarious. i think you should do it ;)


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