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{NEWsday Tuesday}

I have decided to start a new weekly {we'll see} post: NEWsday Tuesday!! On these days I will be introducing you all to something NEW {to me} that I have discovered and think is super awesome. We've got to keep each other in the loopdy loop on such awesomeness, right?

Today I am introducing you to an amazing site. If you are an outdoorsy type of person, who loves getting a killer deal, you'll love me for this. It is http://www.steepandcheap.com/.

It works almost like an ebay type of purchasing. It's like bullying really - they peer pressure you into buying something super awesome by showing you that there are only a limited amount of items, and a limited amount of time to buy it. And I love it.

It has become a slight new obsession of mine really. I keep the screen open on my computer, so I can see what the next item will be. I even have it on my phone, and check in on it frequently. I hate to give up a good buy!

The hubs is really benefiting from my new obsession. This Patagonia jacket was my most recent purchase for him:

All of the items are generally around 50% off, BUT certain items go up to 90% off. Unreal, right?

So, there you have it. Steep and Cheap!

You. Are. Welcome.



There are a lot of things in life that are tough. Before this weekend, if you would've asked me what I thought was "tough", I would've answered with statements such as: vacuuming with an eleven month old, running long distances, etc. 

That list seems inept to me now though, because yesterday we lost a dear, dear family friend. Now THAT is tough.

Claude was battling a lung disease for the past five years. His lungs were basically drying up, and he applied to be put on the transplant list, but was ONE year too old. Talk about tough. 

He was one of the kindest, most caring people I knew. And boy did he love Mr. Baby! Even though he was sick, he still diligently went out to his shop and built Brody all sorts of toys {they are shown below}. He was also very committed to going to McDonald's frequently, and ordering himself a Happy Meal {instead of something he probably would have enjoyed more} just so he could collect the toys for Mr. Babe. Once he had them all, he proudly brought them to church for him {with some other treasures too!}. 

{Claude holding Brody at just a couple weeks old}

{Loving the blocks Claude built him}

{Cruising in the wagon... which was actually meant to house the blocks, but this was much more enjoyable!}

{Claude's last project, which he loves to make LOTS of noise with:)}

{Working hard to try and get those balls out...}

Claude will truly be missed.



Look who's "walking" {with a little help from his John Deere Tractor of course}!!!  Every week or so, I proclaim that "this age is my favorite!" And again, I have a new favorite age - today! This kid knows how to wrap this momma right around every one of those little fingers.


{shellac is wack}

I peeled the shellac off of my finger nails last night.  Now, that takes perseverance! {I am mildly obsessive compulsive, so once I started, I had to keep going.} It is probably the worst thing that you could ever do to your nails though. I don't recommend it! To make matters worse, I couldn't get it all off. That is some tough stuff, that shellac! I think I am going to have to take the file to these bad boys today. I am also open to any suggestions you might have! :)

{for the record, I love shellac... when my nails don't grow, and I don't have to trim them, causing chipped shellacedness - yup made that word up}


{style file 1.24.12}

I think that I could wear this {or something like it} daily. Easy, breezy, beautiful... wait, is that covergirl? Whatevs.


{week in the snow}

We got back last night from a week up in the snow. It was a fun filled week! The fella's stayed quite active skiing, snowmobiling, and playing racquetball. I, on the other hand, feel like I filled my week with mostly eating ice cream, pancakes, donuts, peanut butter m & m's, etc. I did take my tush to the club twice however. One day I really got my burn on, and the other I played 6 games of racquetball - none of which I won. {Talk about feeling uncoordinated - geez - at least I got off a couple of solid hits, and only got smoked 15 to 0 on one game. Lame.} Good news is, somehow I lost a pound!  I am still waiting for the el bee's {lb's} to show up on the scale any day now.

The hot tub was also a hit, especially with SeƱor Bebe. There was a perfect spot for him to stand, on the outside, and he stuck his hands in and splashed his little heart out! What a little trooper.

Mr. Baby was SO excited that his cousin Caleb came to spend the week there. They are pretty hilarious to watch!

Vacations are quite different now that Mr. Baby is in our life. Still fun, just different. We spent a lot of time in the condo while the babies slept and played... and I ate. The weather wasn't great, so we couldn't take them out much, that would also mean I would burn calories, which wasn't a part of the plan, so it all worked out great. :)

Since I was unable to share pictures throughout the week, like I had planned, what better way to share than another picture overload!!

{first seeing Caleb... he had gone to bed the night before with no one in the condo, and woke up to a full house}

 {giving some love}

{the stairs/railing were a real high for the babe}

{workin' it}

{can you see Brody helping in the kitchen? :)}

{straight arm to the face}

{playing with the coveted remote, that he surely took from Caleb}

{bundled up on a walk} 

{the style file outfit I wore pretty much all week}

{getting their read on}

{cuddles with Auntie}

{"are you still taking pictures Mommy!?"}

{they decided to start a band}

{they take band practice quite serious}

{Mr. Babe was very fascinated with falling snow!}

{trying to catch snow in their mouths}

{Caleb trying to catch a few zzz's with his daddy}

{photo shoot in the snow... he makes my heart hurt - in a good way}

{love that one little dimple!}

{nothing quite like a fur hood, ugg boots, and an ADORB little man} 

 {waving to Daddy... it is more like a "what up" shake of the hand - his palm usually faces him - such a gangsta}

{lovin' the snow}

{on the way home}



Well well well, turns out there isn't any Internet for our computer on vaca. I guess I can't complain much, since I am on vaca. Good 'ol iPhone is powering through here. We have been having a glorious time. I thought I would share a few piceroos with y'all, from our winter wonderland, however apparently that'll have to wait a few days, so get excited for that! I hope you all have a fab weekend!


{party people}

I have been busily planning a party for my two fellas. It is big one - Mr. Baby will be turning one, and the hubs will be turning thirty. I figured I had to throw a big bash, especially because their birthday's are one day apart, AND because Ryan figured he would be jipped yearly from his birthday - not this year! Here is a little sneak peek of what I am doing. You have a month to get real excited! I will make sure to post pics of the bash afterwards. Luckily I still have some planning time left. 

{invites are made by three little monkeys studio}


{work, work, work}

Normally in the winter, farmers get time off. However... this winter has been unusually dry {don't get me wrong, it is still freezing cold... just no snow/moisture}. This means that the hubs is still busy working {much to his dismay - he's been doing the snow dance lately, because he wants to go snowmobiling... BAD}. They are currently working on clearing some ground so a pivot can be installed. Mr. Baby and I decided to go and check out the progress the other day.

{He was pretty excited to go and check things out. Look at all of his teeth!}

{Daddy immediately took Mr. Baby to "help" him}

{Off they go}

{Gunner was even helping clear the brush out}

{Mr. Baby is such a good helper!}

{I think Gunner was a little jealous}

{I on the other hand, was not much help}

{What a mess... the good news is, it is almost ALL cleaned up now}

{aren't they handsome!?}

{a little blingy bling on the farm}

 {Gunny was getting some lovin' - Brody sure loves him!!!}

{not thrilled to leave... he wanted to stay and "help" longer}

The tree/clearing project is just about finished, and so is our 2012 farm budget!!! We are rockin' the book work. All time record this year! Whoop. 

PLUS, good news for the hubs... we are heading up into the mountains for about a week, where there is lots of snow. So he gets to go snowmobiling finally.


{style file 1.12.12}

We are close to leaving for McCall for a few days, so I have been geared toward warm clothing. This weeks style file is basically showing you what I am going to be living in for the next week. Yup. I own all of the below, and I will be wearing it probably daily. That makes packing easy, right? {By the way - Polyvore is the bomb digity.}


{baby bum}

Warning: If baby bums offend you, don't read/watch any further.

As I have mentioned before, Mr. Baby loves his baths. I mean, REALLY loves them. As soon as he hears the bath water running, he makes a break for the bathroom. Ryan started to get him ready for his baths by unclothing him and then setting him free... which resulted in the following video. {I am sure when he is 16 and finds out that I posted this of him, he'll love me for it, right? Right. Please pardon the nudity.}


{eleven months}

It seems impossible that eleven months ago my little guy was JUST born. I remember sitting in the hospital room with just Ryan, the new babe and me, feeling like I was dreaming. There was an adorable little baby that was ours, OURS! Crazy. Now, I have a hard time remembering what life was like before Mr. Baboo was here. 

On every monthly birthday I try to do a little photo sesh. We got plenty for the eleven month mark:

My heart runneth over! :)

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