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{it's a...}


Our "well executed" plan to pick up the balloons on Christmas Eve was excellent.
However... we forgot to have them put hi-flo in the balloons to keep them inflated longer. 
Needless to say, they didn't float out of the box like they were supposed to.
The surprise factor was still there though.
We are so excited to welcome another sweet little boy into your family!

Oh, AND my sister-in-law is prego's too! 
She is due one week before me, with another little boy also.
Fun times ahead!



{diy fabric pennant + holiday link-up}

I got crafty this year for Christmas.
I blame Pinterest. 

My mom bought me a sewing machine a couple of years ago,
and this was the first time that I actually used it without her help.
I literally had to pull the manual out to figure out how to thread the darn thing.

And now that it's been out, I haven't put it away.
It's kind of addicting, making things.

Today I am going to show you a little DIY fabric pennant.

{please pardon the really terrible phone photography on this post}

First thing you need to do is get your triangular template. 
You could try to make one yourself, or just go here and print it out on some cardstock.

Next, trace {on the back side of the fabric} around the template to fit as many triangles on your fabric as possible.

Cut out your triangles.
If your fabric was anything like mine, it will need to be ironed too.

Place them in pairs, pattern side facing each other. 

Next, sew together the two sides of the pennant, leaving the top open.

Snip off the end of the triangle {avoiding the thread}
so that when it gets turned right side out, the end of the triangle will be "sharp".

Once they are all sewn, turn right side out, and iron flat.

Next, you will need some 1/2 inch pre-folded piping. 
Stick the open end of the triangle into the piping, and fold over.
Pin them together to secure their placement.

Sew the whole strip of piping, and voila... finished fabric pennant!

I was super surprised at just how easy they were, and how super cute they turned out.
If you are still in need of a last minute gift, give this one a shot!


Okay, NOW for the holiday link-up. Woot woot!

-Link up your holiday related posts. You can visit my this blog post for some ideas. 

-Please make sure you follow both hosts.
{the lovely Kristin from The Mrs. and the Momma started this lovely link-up}

-Grab a button and/or link up on your blog post.

-Visit some of the other blogs and let them know you're visiting from the Holiday Link Up Party!

The Mrs. and The Momma


{a little home video for your viewing pleasure}

For the last two years I have made a compilation of the years happenings into a video.
It's a mix of a lot of pictures and videos {which are mostly of Brody} with some rockin' tunes.
It's my way of not having to scrapbook.
And I have to say, recently watching the 2011 movie made me cry....
{remember my pregnancy hormones are raging}
BUT realizing how much my little man has grown is a crazy thing. 
Time flies! 
Sorry for the cliché, but it's true.

I thought all of you might enjoy a little snippet of Brody's 2011 video. 
He can get down...

He was so little and chubby!

The 2012 video is finished now too, which I blame my lack of blogging on.

ALSO, you might remember the little holiday link-up I did with The Mrs. and the Momma.
Well.... tomorrow is the second/final link-up.
Link up with ANYTHING holiday related tomorrow and meet some new fab friends.
See you then!


{giveaway | rose rags}

Do you remember this poncho?

Or this one, from a really photogenic shoot of mine?

{My mom looks slightly more photogenic wearing the same one here.}

Well today, I am giving away a lovely pink sweater Rose Rags poncho!!
 {thanks to Jessica, the owner/designer}

Take a look at this beaut.

{this picture shows the color/material better}

All of her ponchos are one size fits all, and look great on all sorts of ages and body types.
I wear mine belted or loose.
They are seriously a staple in my wardrobe.

You can also visit her website to check out a gorgeous holiday poncho or some 
seriously fabulous scarves!

Now go ahead and get entered, or just head straight to her shop to do some shopping!



{my babies}

Today I am embracing the camera with my favorite little guy.

And... baby number two {whose sex we find out on the 18th!!}
Bam. 16+ weeks.

 Now go get in front of the camera yourself!
Have a fantastic day lovelies.
I'm takimg my mom the airport. :(
We've had a lovely couple weeks of visiting.
Brody is definitely going to be going through "Yaya" withdrawals.




Holy Cow November flew by!
The good news is that I am done Christmas shopping already and my house is decorated.
Bad news... I missed my sponsor highlight.

SO, I added some extra days to these lovely sponsors, 
and today I am going to share a little bit about them with you.
It's your lucky day.


First up, we have Halie, of Penguins, Pasta and Polka Dots.

What a doll, right?

She also happens to make the most delicious food you can imagine. I mean really, just take a look at her blog. I was immediately starving looking through her recipes. In fact, I will be making her Pot of Enchilada Soup for dinner!

Not only am I envious of her cooking abilities, but also her penmanship
Does that sound weird? It's the truth though.

Go and check her blog out for yourselves! 


Next up, we have Lauren of Enjoying the Journey.

This pretty little Texan is quite talented. She has her own Etsy Shop 
where she makes some amazing beautiful jewelry.
Can we say great Christmas gifts!!??

She is also quite the world traveler, and works as an interior designer! 
I am certainly jealous of this gal.

Head on over to her blog, so you can be too.


If you are interested in sponsoring on my blog this month or want to be included in a sponsor highlight, head over to my advertise page.

AND, just because I am feeling generous in this holiday season, I will offer a 50% discount on ALL ad spaces!! Just enter code December50 upon checkout. 

You're welcome.

Peace out lovelies!



{another farmer's wife}

Nope, I'm not getting myself a sister wife... this farmer's wife has a farmer of her own :)

Today I get to introduce you to your new favorite blog. Exciting right?

I won't waste anymore of your precious time. Read on lovelies!


look who's slowly re-entering the bloggy-blog community. it's me!

(whenever i write bloggy-blog it makes me think of snoop doggy-dog...am i right? then i picture my 7th grade self bustin' my moves on the gymnasium dance floor wondering why no fellas want to dance with this girl that clearly has the very BEST moves to snoop doggy-dog. we can apply that same dance story to 8th, 9th, all the way through 12th grade. then i stopped dancing...in public.)

moving on...

so my dear sweet farmer's wife was KIND enough to let me put my words down on her bloggy-blog in hopes of enticing all of her fabulous readers on over to my corner of farm land.

shameless plug - CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY BLOG!

i'm a farmer's wife too! more fun facts?

miss amy and i live 27 minutes from each other.

i call her my neighbor. here she is visiting bebe kaye at the hospital with her husband and little boy. they brought us starbucks.

they also bought bebe kaye a halloween costume since she was born on october 30th...

wings and a wand. they're the best.

our husbands are super-awesome, good-looking farmers.

this little photo was stolen right off amy's blog post from last february...

uh...maybe this isn't the best example.

i just had a bebe! her name is kaye. she's beautiful...see...

beautiful...right? well, we're working on it. no judgement. let's give her a few more weeks.

i'm super into running and fitness. 

so kaye and i have been hitting the treadmill for bits at a time until i get cleared to really work out. two more weeks seems like an eternity.

she may look quite squishy in there, but she's actually into it. it takes approximately 30 seconds for her to fall asleep. on this particular day about 45 minutes into our walk she decided taking a poo on me was  a better use of her time. our walk was cut short.

another note - even though i'm back down to pre-preg weight...things are squish-city and lack some serious tone. we're talking sag-a**, flappy arms, and a jiggle belly. i've asked my farmer for some cross-fit sessions for christmas. (please don't forget, farmer!)

well...that certainly doesn't get us fully acquainted but it's a start.

happy holidays!


She's the best. 

Now, head on over to her blog and become friends! :)



{giveaway | suspenders}

A few weeks ago I started doing some Christmas shopping. 
I decided that I wanted to get Brody and his two boy cousins some suspenders and bow ties. 
{sorry for the spoiler sister-in-laws}
I found the BEST etsy shop to buy them! Bebecha.com

You may recall this picture from my Instagram if you follow me:

I obviously couldn't wait until Christmas to put them on Brody.

Cutest thing ever, right?

WELL... you could be the recipient of a pair!
If you have a little boy or friends with little boys, this is a site to remember.

Today I am giving away a pair of suspenders and bow tie in black and white polka dot {age 4-6},
thanks to Rachel, the owner of Bebecha.
How cute are they!?

Go ahead and get entered so you can give an awesome Christmas present like me!

Giveaway will end on December 7 at 12:00 am.


{cali recap}

Our trip to Cali started off great. We were making great time and a couple of hours ahead of schedule. And then... 

Bay Bridge traffic. Holy Moly. It took us HOURS to go just 10 miles into San Francisco. Ridic.
But, we finally made it and we were happy.

We went down to SF to see my awesome Aunt Nancy. 
We stayed at the lovely Stanyan Park Hotel at the edge of the Golden Gate Park.

The first day we decided to head to the California Academy of Sciences.
It was awesome. 
Here is a a little photo dump of our time there...

{my lovely husband diligently carried my camera bag all day... and Brody}

{he was obsessed with the reindeer}

There are loads more pictures, but I will spare you. Moral of the story, that place is awesome. And crowded.

For the remainder of our stay we did a lot of walking...

And a lot of eating. We went to the restaurant Bambino's two nights in a row. 
Not only is it super delish, but the waitress loved Brody.
He got some extra special treatment + some dough to play with.

Fun fun times.

Next, Thanksgiving at my parents.
As you may recall from this post, my brother's fiance and I were in charge of making the food {with some extra helpers stepping in once in a while}

Not to brag or anything...
but we nailed it.

Boom: table decorated.

Boom: food finished.

Boom: pies! 
{all courtesy of my grandma}

Boom: walk it off.

I'll consider it a success.

Oh, and Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without some Tractor Tom. 
Brody pulled each member of the family back to the computer to watch it on Youtube. 
Nobody complained about the 10 minutes of cuddle time.

 We are home now, and brought my mom with us. :)

Brody is really enjoying having his "Yaya" here to play.

I hope that you all had a fantastic holiday also.

Don't forget to check back later today for yet another amazing giveaway.

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