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You know that commercial, where the dad is changing the baby boys diaper? You can watch it here.

This is seriously what happened to me last night. Let me break it down for you:

I went to start Mr. Baby's bath, which he loves more than anything, for reals. The hubby decided to strip him down. Normally it is all of the way, nude dude. But, last night he still had a diaper on. Mr. Baby cruised into the bathroom as fast as his little body could take him, and I swept him up an took him to take his diaper off, and clean him up.... because of course there was a little something extra in the diaper, which is why the hubby didn't take it all off!

Literally the second that I took off his diaper, fire hydrant eruption! Just like Old Faithful. Unlike the commercial though, I only allowed it to happen once. However in that split second or two, he peed on everything! He even got it into his mouth... yea, gross, I know. He thought it was hilarious, just like everything else he does {don't think he has any self esteem issues}. I had to have the hubby take him and give him a bath while I cleaned up his whole bedroom. :)

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