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{mad for plaid}

The Christmas Party went really well. Our poor little church doesn't have a lot of people, so it was small and spunky. I had people bring their favorite finger foods, which consisted of: chicken and cranberry meatballs, potato skins, cheese and crackers, fruit, veggies, quiche, and lots of other food on toothpicks. There was also PLENTY of desserts, and of course hot choco.

I made this plaid fabric banner to hang above the food.

I also made oodles and oodles of plaid cake pops

There were some extras... but they were easily polished off yesterday by me and the hubby.

The white ones are red velvet - now isn't that the most festive thing you've ever seen!?

Red Stripey Straws

Chocolate covered pretzels - I used the extra candy coating from the caker pops.

My Little Plaid Family

Mr. Baby was enjoying the aftermath of one of the games.

Some people went ALL out on the plaid, as you can see.

I purchased a bunch of clear glass ornaments, and lots of goodies that people could put in them. The favorite ornament to make however was the glitter ornament {there were 13 different awesome glitter colors}. They were super easy, and totally adorb! I somehow forgot to get a picture of that table set up, or any of the ornaments, but here is a picture of the finished products {they looked JUST like these}:

{tutorial found here}

There was also some Christmas karaoke. That was ok. Well... more like slightly annoying if I am going to be honest. But the wee ones had a good time.

A little more enjoyable was playing a handful of Minute to Win It holiday games. We stacked 28 cups into the shape of a Christmas tree, threw as many marshmallows as we could through a wreath, tried to open gifts with big thick mittens on, stacked nuts using only a candy cane, and {not so holiday-ish} put cookies on our foreheads, with our heads back, and used only our facial muscles to get the cookies into our mouths -  go try it. I dare you.

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  1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/36248663@N00/

    please post me many photos of you in plaid shirts ;)

    You are a very beautiful woman !!



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