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{the grind}

Mr. Baby just got his third tooth! Which happens to be the first one on top {he already has two bottom teeth}. At first I was very excited for him. He has been working on pushing out this tooth for some time now. The excitement wore off VERY quickly, as soon as I heard him grinding them together. Oh. My. Word. It makes me shudder every time... however, that is coming from a person who can't pick ice cubes out of an ice tray because of that finger nail on chalkboard sound! Seriously it gives me goose bumps. I am really hoping that he gets over this fascination of 3 teeth, and the grinding stops ASAP... this momma is going crazy!

On a side note, I just checked my baby monitor to find this:

It was taken on my phone, so the quality is kind of poor. Let me tell you what you are seeing here.

First,  he is standing in his crib... a new passion of his.

Second, he is standing on his bumper.  It gets him a little extra height in which to see out of his crib. It also makes it much more likely that he will fall out of his crib. The bumper might need to go. It is still in there because he likes to nuzzle up to it every night... for reals... he shoves himself as far into the corner as possible. And sticks his butt directly into the air. He is cute.

Third, his pants are falling off. Yup. I had to do a double take into the monitor, because something looked a little off. Not sure how this happened. Maybe this is why he was calling for me. My poor child. He is now napping... without any pants on.

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