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{did you know? pt. I}

Did you know???...

I haven't cut my hair in a year. Talk about split ends - yikes.

The hubby informed me recently that sometimes, he pairs people with a dinosaur that he thinks looks similar to them. Hmmm... very interesting. I had many follow up questions to this statement myself.

We are leaving for California TODAY!

I am not packed.

I thought my eyes were much browner than they appear here:

I also thought I was all super cute to go to a friends house for dinner a while back, we hung out, crawled around on the floor with the baby, etc.... only to come home, get ready for bed, and notice that I had a HUGE hole in the crotch of my leggings! Awesome.

Shellac nails are the bomb diggity.

I bought the hubby a snowmobile jacket for Christmas. The store had to order it, so I asked if they would ship it to my house {being that we live an hour outside of the big city}. WELL, they didn't. AND, they called the hubby to inform him that his jacket had arrived in the store, and was ready to be picked up. Surprise, fail! Thanks MotoTech.

Mr. Baby crawls super-sonic fast without a diaper on.

In college I got into a snow tubing accident, and think it may have partially paralyzed sections of my face. Seriously. I can't move my nose to the left. I have sat in front of a mirror, on multiple occasions, trying. Not. Gonna. Happen. Here is a picture to prove that it happened:

Yup. Prettttty! Got hit on the upper right side of my forehead, hematoma, bled down to my eyes = slight facial paralysis. I think so.{nice phone eh?}

Too much information?? Probably.

1 comment:

  1. Also, did you know...??

    Amy is a really good song writer!

    Amy is bilingual...speaks Jonesese!

    Amy can Toogle!!!!!!

    LOVE YOU!!! ":?)


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