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They call me Mellow Yellow. Nope, not really. But I like that song. And I AM wearing yellow pants! Holla! Our Cali Christmas trip was super duper fun... more to come on that. I still have to sort through my 600 pics.



I wear them a lot. I mean, probably 2-3 times a week. NOT the same pair, don't worry. It takes me back to the good old days, when I wore leggings almost daily. Oh, the 80's/90's style... back then they were floral leggings. Yup. AND, I paired them with some really great scrunchy socks. Sometimes, if I was feeling wild, I would wear 2, yes 2, pairs of scrunchy socks. And usually I had on a turtleneck. With my hair in as big and thick of a scrunchy as I could find. Hot, I know. Here are just a couple of gems to prove this fun little fact:

{that is me on the left - hair scrunchy? check. turtleneck? check.....

leggings? check. scrunchy socks? check. ugly shoes? definitely.}

{we just woke up, obviously. these are the lovely floral leggings. everything about this picture is ugly, including the nasty linoleum, my bros shorts, and especially my face.}

This is my leggings style now a days. Maybe in 20 years I will look back at them, and think the same thoughts that I have towards the above pictures. 

Now, I wear them with boots.

No turtleneck {the hubby had just told me to kick the cat away... I picked him up with my boot, and he went really far... didn't kick him... more like a launch}

And no ginormous scrunchy.


{christmas baby}

In the spirit of Christmas, I NEEDed to share these with you all. Mr. Baby in all of his glory.

Hope that your Christmas is spectacular.

kiss kiss hug hug xxoo

{merry christmas}

From my little family to yours!


{baby on a cat}

What is cuter than a baby on a cat?

OK, well, maybe a few things. But this is pretty darn precious!!  

LOVE my boys!!


{did you know? pt. I}

Did you know???...

I haven't cut my hair in a year. Talk about split ends - yikes.

The hubby informed me recently that sometimes, he pairs people with a dinosaur that he thinks looks similar to them. Hmmm... very interesting. I had many follow up questions to this statement myself.

We are leaving for California TODAY!

I am not packed.

I thought my eyes were much browner than they appear here:

I also thought I was all super cute to go to a friends house for dinner a while back, we hung out, crawled around on the floor with the baby, etc.... only to come home, get ready for bed, and notice that I had a HUGE hole in the crotch of my leggings! Awesome.

Shellac nails are the bomb diggity.

I bought the hubby a snowmobile jacket for Christmas. The store had to order it, so I asked if they would ship it to my house {being that we live an hour outside of the big city}. WELL, they didn't. AND, they called the hubby to inform him that his jacket had arrived in the store, and was ready to be picked up. Surprise, fail! Thanks MotoTech.

Mr. Baby crawls super-sonic fast without a diaper on.

In college I got into a snow tubing accident, and think it may have partially paralyzed sections of my face. Seriously. I can't move my nose to the left. I have sat in front of a mirror, on multiple occasions, trying. Not. Gonna. Happen. Here is a picture to prove that it happened:

Yup. Prettttty! Got hit on the upper right side of my forehead, hematoma, bled down to my eyes = slight facial paralysis. I think so.{nice phone eh?}

Too much information?? Probably.



I have a new cousin. He was born last night about 11:30. He is totally adorb. I love him. I can't wait to snuggle him. This is William James Castille {awesome name for an awesome baby}:

{btw, this picture was taken when he was thirty minutes old. presh!!!!}


{snort snort}

So... sometimes when I laugh, I snort. And, so does Mr. Baby. He inherited quite a few traits from me - poor kid.

I don't care to look at pictures of myself when I am laughing, however I could stare at this all day:

I love this picture for many reasons.
1. He is hilarious.
2. You can get a pretty good glimpse at his 2 top teeth that just came in.
3. He has lipstick marks all over his face.
4. He is all Christmas-ed out - santa hat and all.
5. He is adorable.



You know that commercial, where the dad is changing the baby boys diaper? You can watch it here.

This is seriously what happened to me last night. Let me break it down for you:

I went to start Mr. Baby's bath, which he loves more than anything, for reals. The hubby decided to strip him down. Normally it is all of the way, nude dude. But, last night he still had a diaper on. Mr. Baby cruised into the bathroom as fast as his little body could take him, and I swept him up an took him to take his diaper off, and clean him up.... because of course there was a little something extra in the diaper, which is why the hubby didn't take it all off!

Literally the second that I took off his diaper, fire hydrant eruption! Just like Old Faithful. Unlike the commercial though, I only allowed it to happen once. However in that split second or two, he peed on everything! He even got it into his mouth... yea, gross, I know. He thought it was hilarious, just like everything else he does {don't think he has any self esteem issues}. I had to have the hubby take him and give him a bath while I cleaned up his whole bedroom. :)


{mad for plaid}

The Christmas Party went really well. Our poor little church doesn't have a lot of people, so it was small and spunky. I had people bring their favorite finger foods, which consisted of: chicken and cranberry meatballs, potato skins, cheese and crackers, fruit, veggies, quiche, and lots of other food on toothpicks. There was also PLENTY of desserts, and of course hot choco.

I made this plaid fabric banner to hang above the food.

I also made oodles and oodles of plaid cake pops

There were some extras... but they were easily polished off yesterday by me and the hubby.

The white ones are red velvet - now isn't that the most festive thing you've ever seen!?

Red Stripey Straws

Chocolate covered pretzels - I used the extra candy coating from the caker pops.

My Little Plaid Family

Mr. Baby was enjoying the aftermath of one of the games.

Some people went ALL out on the plaid, as you can see.

I purchased a bunch of clear glass ornaments, and lots of goodies that people could put in them. The favorite ornament to make however was the glitter ornament {there were 13 different awesome glitter colors}. They were super easy, and totally adorb! I somehow forgot to get a picture of that table set up, or any of the ornaments, but here is a picture of the finished products {they looked JUST like these}:

{tutorial found here}

There was also some Christmas karaoke. That was ok. Well... more like slightly annoying if I am going to be honest. But the wee ones had a good time.

A little more enjoyable was playing a handful of Minute to Win It holiday games. We stacked 28 cups into the shape of a Christmas tree, threw as many marshmallows as we could through a wreath, tried to open gifts with big thick mittens on, stacked nuts using only a candy cane, and {not so holiday-ish} put cookies on our foreheads, with our heads back, and used only our facial muscles to get the cookies into our mouths -  go try it. I dare you.



We had our Church Christmas party Saturday night. Holla! The theme was "Mad for Plaid", and everyone was required to wear plaid. This is what I wore. Pics of the party are coming soon. {Btw, I did fix that little fly away on my bun. I know you were concerned. :)}


{free time}

This is what happens when the hubby has a little free time:

He cuts down trees... or just "trims" them. Do you notice how close some of these branches are to my house!? I was in the kitchen fixing Mr. Baby some food, and a HUGE branch came crashing down in front of the window... literally inches away from hitting the house.

Here, the hubby is sizing up an even HUGER branch to cut down.

Yes, this one with the chain on it. It is directly above Mr. Baby's room. And he wanted me to sit in that monster loader and pull the branch so it wouldn't hit the house, aka Mr. Baby. I said no. And told him that I thought it might be a good idea to not cut it down, period. 

This is the look he gave me when we were discussing the cutting down of the large branch. He thought it was funny...

...so I thought it would be funny to take a picture of this {looks like he piddled himself... apparently he sat in some standing water on the seat of the loader. Whatever.}

Mr. Baby was also concerned about the tree falling onto his room.

And so were Gunner and Puss.

Needless to say, it didn't get cut down... yet. Mr. Chainsaw-Happy-Hubby is unpredictable however! If you don't hear from me in a day or so, a tree has probably fallen on me.



I thought I would share my outfit with ya'll {yup, there it is again}... because I kinda thought it was cute. Conceited? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, have a wonderful weekend! I am going to check out the damage my hubby has done on the trees surrounding our house. Yikes! He is a little chain saw happy.


{photo sesh}

Mr. Baby and I had a little photo sesh today.



and he's up!

we are totally smeyesing!

i'm gonna get you!


funny boy

Gunner decided that he should probably join us:

he wasn't holding still, as i requested

so sad that his master left him home...

a little licking of oneself {only for dogs. i hope.}, always makes it a little better. Mr. Baby was headed to check it out. Gross.

Then the hubby brought his little tush home, so he got to take some pics:

Remember that sale on sale items at Anthro I was super happy about a couple weeks ago? This shirt is one of my purchases. Paired with my go to CoH jeans, and my fav gold TOMS.

Picture overload? 

Yes. Sorry.

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