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{why denim and plaid?}

When searching for my URL, I got to thinking about what my life consists of.  Nothing really popped out at me as a good web name though.  But as I was doing the daily grind, and while looking around, I realized there is an awful lot of denim and plaid in this household!

I mean isn't that what all farmers wear?

And their sons?

Plaid shirts and plaid jackets....

Plaid shirts and plaid pants...

Plaid, plaid, plaid.

Mr. Baby looks like he is ready to go out and work with daddy.

The hubby's closet... minus the huge pile of shirts he has sitting on the guest room bed, hoping that someone will iron them.

We are surrounded by plaid. 

And of course denim. I didn't dare start taking pictures of the amount of jeans that I own. Some of which are in a stack, high in my closet, just waiting for me to lose 5 more pounds so they can come down and play! 

Ryan has his own slight fetish with *the denim* also. Boy oh boy. We could probably clothe a small city in denim and plaid.

I like it. It fits. 

So that is my URL, and it is here to stay!

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