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{take a hike}

Here is Mr. Baby. All snuggled up for a big Sunday hike down the Bruneau Canyon. He was excited.

This is cousin Caleb. He was also excited.

This is cousin Maddi. She was also excited... and walked all by herself... for about 100 feet :) Good thing her grandpa came along so he could carry her! All of the daddy's had a baby each.

This is the ginormous ravine that we hiked down.

A view up at the others. Pretty rocky stuff. Ideal for a rattlesnake haven. In fact we killed a baby rattle snake in this same spot a couple of years ago. Yikes. I about peed myself.

"I'm a {wannabe} model you know what I mean,
and I do my little turn on the catwalk,
yeah on the catwalk, on the catwalk yeah,
I do my little turn on the catwalk."

Yea... I just sang the whole song.

It looks like they are about to fall off of this cliff, thousands of feet down. I am afraid of cliff drop offs. This is why the hubby has to carry Mr. Baby. He is also very muscular! :)

Of course there has to be some competition. The babies were joining in, and learning young. Not sure what the fascination is with big rocks splashing into water??

Our little family.

Cousin Caleb was wiped out after all of the effort that he put out while being toted along for the whole hike. 

Mr. Baby was still WIDE awake. And singing. And sticking his tongue out into the wind blowing in his face. And just being cute.

 As of this morning, all of the family left. Boo. It was fun having everyone together, and watching the little's {the three baby cousins} play together. 

And now, wouldn't you know it, I am sick. Yup. Sore throat. Runny nose. Blah. I am on a new diet of straight up Vitamin C. They say you can't take too much. I am testing that theory. Gotta go take another 2000 mg.

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