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{spoon wipe}

I was noticing today, as I was feeding Mr. Baby, that after every bite I gave him, I also gave his face a nice "spoon wipe". You know the one. Where you take the empty spoon and scrape all around the mouth to get the massive surplus of food that has spewed out of those little lips. It may sound gross, but it takes talent people - a true art! Actually, the gross part is when you take the scraped off food, and then feed it back to them, and they gladly take it. Hmmmm.

Ryan remarked how annoyed he would be if someone had to give his face a spoon wipe every couple of seconds. I agree. Mr. Baby doesn't seem to mind though. In fact when I do it numerous times in a row it makes him giggle. I much prefer the giggle, than the violent head turning and whining when I go to wipe his mouth with a wet cloth.

This is Brody right after his first "real" food meal back in July. It is quite obvious that I hadn't mastered the art of the spoon wipe yet. Or any kind of wiping for that matter. I mean look at that puddle of rice cereal on the counter. Jeepers! 

I have it down now. And Mr. Baby stays clean. And so do his fingers/hands. So does his high chair.  Basically the whole house can stay clean.... one spoon wipe at a time.

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