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So I made an apple pie yesterday. That was a first. I know what you are thinking... how can you be a farmers wife and never have made a pie? Let me explain a little something about myself. Maybe i should be excommunicated as a "farmers wife", but I am not a major cooker. I mean, I will make 3 good and healthy meals a day, but they aren't anything to brag about. If I spend more than 15 to 20 minutes cooking a meal, it is a rare day. I am all about quick and easy.

So... to make a pie didn't seem like "quick and easy." But, I thought I would take a challenge and bake one for Thanksgiving. Luckily my mom was readily available to answer my 500 million texts and walk me through the process, which in hindsight was pretty simple.

Now that you are probably {and should be} thoroughly impressed I have a confession:

Yup. Store bought pie crust. I think I am a hopeless cause. Baby steps people, baby steps.

Anyways, this is the final product. Doesn't look bad huh? Ryan's grandmother offered me 2 tips {knowing that it was my first pie}. First, was that it could use a bit more sugar... she also prefaced that with, "I guess we don't need the sugar though." Second, not as much salt in the pastry... I'll be writing Pillsbury about that one.

I'll consider it a success.

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