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A few years ago my mother in law decided it was time to get some chickens. My husband thought this was a great idea, and so she got some for us too. 12 for her. 12 for us. 24 in total.

It was decided to raise them at our house, since we have a nice out building for that sort of thing. That was fine. Normally I like baby animals, but chickens aren't that cuddly, or super cute.

One summer day the in-laws dog {Kali the Cow Dog}, somehow got into the chicken coop.  She ended quite a few of the little chicks lives. Some by bites, and mostly from them being just plain freaked out.  This was the start to a sad journey for these 24 chickens.  Over the last couple of years, slowly but surely the once large group of chickens, was dwindled down to 3. The hearty 3! Chic, Kendra, and Lois. It has just been the three of them for almost 2 years now. And I have actually grown quite fond of them. They provide me with the perfect amount of eggs {although sometimes I have to search for them}, they eat lots and lots of spiders and bugs, and they provide endless entertainment while taunting our cats. I appreciate how "safe" they are also - making sure that they are up to roost at least a couple of hours before sundown. They are so smart.

{This is Kendra - she has the largest comb that kinda flops to the side}

Just yesterday I noticed that Kendra wasn't doing so well.  She is like the Queen Chick too. Not sure if something got a hold of her, but she is missing lots of feathers, and looks kind of skinny. The cold of Idaho hasn't been treating her well.

I think that we will be putting a massive heat lamp in their coop asap. Gotta try to save the hearty 3!

I also think that this next spring we will be getting some more chicks {you know the ones, that lay blue eggs}. Which calls for a new coop.

{I bought the blue prints for this already:)}

Hopefully Kendra can live long enough to enjoy the lovely little coop!

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