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{just a few thoughts}

In no particular order, a few tidbits:

1. Wind is not my friend. I know I live in Idaho, and it is inevitable, but still.

2. Grunting while putting out any kind of effort makes it more impressive {ex: tennis, opening a jar, Mr. Baby trying for many minutes to pull himself up into the standing position, etc.}

3. When your child takes 2 naps before noon, you know that is when he wakes up entirely too early!

4. Anthropologie makes my day when they have a sale on their sale items! Booyah!

5. Nothing is quite like making your baby laugh uncontrollably until he has the hiccups for an hour after!

6. I LOVE getting packages in the mail {I am a big online shopper... I do live on a farm an hour away from the big city.}

7. I wish Christmas lights would magically appear on my house.

8. Mr. Baby licked the side {outside} of the kitchen garbage can today. GROSS. Yea, so that happened. Mother of the year here!

9. My muffin top has overstayed it's welcome.

10. Black Friday online shopping is fun. However, I don't like the rushed, peer pressure feeling I get. My computer is bullying me into buying things before a certain time.

11. Holidays are great. Especially taking pictures of adorable little baby cousins, with my awesome new camera.

What's cuter than a little turkey bum?


That's all. For now. Enjoy your left over turkey in some delish sandwiches!

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