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{it's the most wonderful time of the year}

Ryan and I were discussing the other day, how we wouldn't do any Christmas decor, since we are going to be gone a substantial amount of time toward the end of the month. That was all fine.... until I started listening to Christmas music 18 hours a day. 

I started by bringing in just a couple of things from storage, telling myself that we needed a little something up. I kept going out though, and bringing in more, and more. And this is a little taste of what happened:

My house is Christmas-ified. Yup, just made that word up. I like it. Mr. Baby even has a little decor in his room.

We did opt not to do a tree this year however. Mr. Baby I'm sure would love to tear it down. Or use it to help him stand. I think we will try to cross that bridge next year.

The farmer hubby, also told me tonight, that he would like to put Christmas lights up on our house {we kind of did a 180 huh?!}. I'll be picking up some new lights tomorrow... since inevitably, every year, the lights from the prior year, don't work. Stupid. 

On a side note, I sure hope that we can take our lights down before April... yeah, we were those people this year. I was so embarrassed. When I was taking them down, I didn't want anyone to see me, because for some reason I thought if they didn't see me, then they wouldn't notice the strings of icicle lights that were on our front fence for the prior 5 months! In fact, if I heard a vehicle coming, I would set the lights down and nonchalantly walk/run behind one of our trees. Then, when they were out of sight, I ran back over and took down as many lights as I could. Lame. I know. Maybe that is why our lights only last a season. Because they are in the weather for 5 out of 12 months! Geeskis! Come January 20, I will be needing some reminders to start taking them down please! Thanks.

Crazy Christmas Light Lady

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  1. thank you! i'll just come over and live vicariously through you. mmmk? ps. cake pops are gone.


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