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{it's cold}

So, remember how I said I didn't like wind? Well, I don't. 

We live a few miles away from {supposedly} the "largest single-structured sand dune in North America." So, obviously we have a lot of sand around. Even some of our fields have lots of sand in them. And, when the wind blows... yea, you got it.... our fields blow.

The hubby decided that to stop one of the sandiest fields of ours from blowing to Nevada, he would fire up the irrigation system {which has been shut down for some time now}. 

Well... the next morning, this is what we woke up to:




It is cold! The linear {that lovely irrigating contraption you can see quite well in the second picture}, was left on overnight. It got pretty chilly, as you can see.

Mr. Baby and I went out on an early morning adventure to capture these shots. He stayed in the car. And watched me freeze my tushy off. Brrrrskis! I recognized that morning, that when I am freezing cold, I run with my arms stiff-straight to my sides. Wierd. I know. 

The good news is, we got the field under control - lets just hope that the wind left some wheat seed in the ground for us.

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