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{harvest party}

Every year our church has a "potato roast". Yes, we do live in Idaho, so it only seems necessary right? Well this year I am in charge of the social events in our church, and decided to branch out a bit. I wanted to throw a harvest party, and invite not only the church members, but all of our farm community - neighbors and friends.

Since this is my first year staying at home, I had a bit of free time, and well...I got a little carried away. I blame pinterest. 

Popcorn bar {more photos of this further down}

A little corn hole anyone? The bags are actually filled with beans.... bean hole?? Gross.

I wanted to have an activity for the wee ones, so I decided on a pinata. Have you ever tried to find a pinata that goes along with a harvest party? Impossible. Apparently "Big Bird" was as good as it got for me. I figured... it is close to Thanksgiving... Big Bird is related to the turkey somehow I am sure... perfect! Well Big Bird or not, the kids loved trying to break it to pieces.

A little more entertainment for the wee ones.

Lawn twister anyone?

Straw bale couch... yes please!

Yes, those are cake pops! And, yes, I made over 150 of them. And, yes.... they are yummy!

So, come to find out, black poster board makes for an excellent chalk board!

Chili bowls {I had my wonderful mother ship them up to me, from a frozen yogurt place right near her}.

The joys of being married to a farmer... I had a lot of beans, that we grew, just waiting for me to get ambitious and cook them. Instead, I used them as decor. They will get cooked one day. Maybe. 

Cake pops....

Cake pops....

Cake pops....

and MORE cake pops.

My husband thinks that you can't have a party, unless you have A LOT of soda on hand.

That's a wrap. Party was a success. I still have a bin of all of the goodies in my house waiting to be put into storage. "Oh, Ryan!" 

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  1. This looks like so much fun. I attempted the popcorn bar concept at our last driveway movie night and it didn't pan out as darling as yours did.


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