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{9 months old}

My dear, precious, little {or not} baby turned 9 months old yesterday. WHAT!? How is that even possible? To quote Sydney, author of The Daybook Blog, "It's felt like one day and forever at the same time  - the happiest we've been." I know that it is kind of cliche to say, but it REALLY did just seem like yesterday that I was waddling around, waiting to see his precious face for the first time. And boy, is it ever precious, I mean look at him {I might be kinda bias}: 

Those deep brown eyes, piercing into you.  PLUS, a green and yellow plaid = perfection.

His little closed mouth smile that he flashes around 90% of the day. {His "open" mouth smile is to die for - with those two little teeth!!}

He has gotten quite mobile in the last couple of weeks: Roll. Crawl. Sit. Fall over. Crawl. Sit. Fall. Sit. Etc.  I also need to clarify that his "Crawl" isn't the traditional, get on your hands and knees type of crawl. He has trademarked his own crawl which consists of the army crawl mixed with a little bit of "the worm", and lots of grunting. Hey, it works!

That red hair! Note: it doesn't come to a point at the bottom in the middle like most hair... he apparently likes to do things a little different, and decided it should come to a point on the bottom left side of his head.

The way he looks at me with that expectant look on his face. I die.

Clearly I don't get much done in a day. Lots of pictures. Lots of playing. Lots of diapers. Lots of feedings. I can't really remember what it was like to have multiple hours of free time. Or to have an uninterrupted night of sleep. Or to be able to keep my hair "done" all day. Or to be able to keep make up on my face without slobbery kisses taking it off throughout the day.

But, I wouldn't want it any other way. Even in the wee hours when I am up with him, and exhausted, I am SO thankful to have such a healthy, joyous, darling little boy. I.Love.Him.

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