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{it's the most wonderful time of the year}

Ryan and I were discussing the other day, how we wouldn't do any Christmas decor, since we are going to be gone a substantial amount of time toward the end of the month. That was all fine.... until I started listening to Christmas music 18 hours a day. 

I started by bringing in just a couple of things from storage, telling myself that we needed a little something up. I kept going out though, and bringing in more, and more. And this is a little taste of what happened:

My house is Christmas-ified. Yup, just made that word up. I like it. Mr. Baby even has a little decor in his room.

We did opt not to do a tree this year however. Mr. Baby I'm sure would love to tear it down. Or use it to help him stand. I think we will try to cross that bridge next year.

The farmer hubby, also told me tonight, that he would like to put Christmas lights up on our house {we kind of did a 180 huh?!}. I'll be picking up some new lights tomorrow... since inevitably, every year, the lights from the prior year, don't work. Stupid. 

On a side note, I sure hope that we can take our lights down before April... yeah, we were those people this year. I was so embarrassed. When I was taking them down, I didn't want anyone to see me, because for some reason I thought if they didn't see me, then they wouldn't notice the strings of icicle lights that were on our front fence for the prior 5 months! In fact, if I heard a vehicle coming, I would set the lights down and nonchalantly walk/run behind one of our trees. Then, when they were out of sight, I ran back over and took down as many lights as I could. Lame. I know. Maybe that is why our lights only last a season. Because they are in the weather for 5 out of 12 months! Geeskis! Come January 20, I will be needing some reminders to start taking them down please! Thanks.

Crazy Christmas Light Lady


{take a hike}

Here is Mr. Baby. All snuggled up for a big Sunday hike down the Bruneau Canyon. He was excited.

This is cousin Caleb. He was also excited.

This is cousin Maddi. She was also excited... and walked all by herself... for about 100 feet :) Good thing her grandpa came along so he could carry her! All of the daddy's had a baby each.

This is the ginormous ravine that we hiked down.

A view up at the others. Pretty rocky stuff. Ideal for a rattlesnake haven. In fact we killed a baby rattle snake in this same spot a couple of years ago. Yikes. I about peed myself.

"I'm a {wannabe} model you know what I mean,
and I do my little turn on the catwalk,
yeah on the catwalk, on the catwalk yeah,
I do my little turn on the catwalk."

Yea... I just sang the whole song.

It looks like they are about to fall off of this cliff, thousands of feet down. I am afraid of cliff drop offs. This is why the hubby has to carry Mr. Baby. He is also very muscular! :)

Of course there has to be some competition. The babies were joining in, and learning young. Not sure what the fascination is with big rocks splashing into water??

Our little family.

Cousin Caleb was wiped out after all of the effort that he put out while being toted along for the whole hike. 

Mr. Baby was still WIDE awake. And singing. And sticking his tongue out into the wind blowing in his face. And just being cute.

 As of this morning, all of the family left. Boo. It was fun having everyone together, and watching the little's {the three baby cousins} play together. 

And now, wouldn't you know it, I am sick. Yup. Sore throat. Runny nose. Blah. I am on a new diet of straight up Vitamin C. They say you can't take too much. I am testing that theory. Gotta go take another 2000 mg.


{it's cold}

So, remember how I said I didn't like wind? Well, I don't. 

We live a few miles away from {supposedly} the "largest single-structured sand dune in North America." So, obviously we have a lot of sand around. Even some of our fields have lots of sand in them. And, when the wind blows... yea, you got it.... our fields blow.

The hubby decided that to stop one of the sandiest fields of ours from blowing to Nevada, he would fire up the irrigation system {which has been shut down for some time now}. 

Well... the next morning, this is what we woke up to:




It is cold! The linear {that lovely irrigating contraption you can see quite well in the second picture}, was left on overnight. It got pretty chilly, as you can see.

Mr. Baby and I went out on an early morning adventure to capture these shots. He stayed in the car. And watched me freeze my tushy off. Brrrrskis! I recognized that morning, that when I am freezing cold, I run with my arms stiff-straight to my sides. Wierd. I know. 

The good news is, we got the field under control - lets just hope that the wind left some wheat seed in the ground for us.


{my precious}

I just wanted to share a few snaper-shots of me and my precious. Isn't he just a gem. :)


{just a few thoughts}

In no particular order, a few tidbits:

1. Wind is not my friend. I know I live in Idaho, and it is inevitable, but still.

2. Grunting while putting out any kind of effort makes it more impressive {ex: tennis, opening a jar, Mr. Baby trying for many minutes to pull himself up into the standing position, etc.}

3. When your child takes 2 naps before noon, you know that is when he wakes up entirely too early!

4. Anthropologie makes my day when they have a sale on their sale items! Booyah!

5. Nothing is quite like making your baby laugh uncontrollably until he has the hiccups for an hour after!

6. I LOVE getting packages in the mail {I am a big online shopper... I do live on a farm an hour away from the big city.}

7. I wish Christmas lights would magically appear on my house.

8. Mr. Baby licked the side {outside} of the kitchen garbage can today. GROSS. Yea, so that happened. Mother of the year here!

9. My muffin top has overstayed it's welcome.

10. Black Friday online shopping is fun. However, I don't like the rushed, peer pressure feeling I get. My computer is bullying me into buying things before a certain time.

11. Holidays are great. Especially taking pictures of adorable little baby cousins, with my awesome new camera.

What's cuter than a little turkey bum?


That's all. For now. Enjoy your left over turkey in some delish sandwiches!



So I made an apple pie yesterday. That was a first. I know what you are thinking... how can you be a farmers wife and never have made a pie? Let me explain a little something about myself. Maybe i should be excommunicated as a "farmers wife", but I am not a major cooker. I mean, I will make 3 good and healthy meals a day, but they aren't anything to brag about. If I spend more than 15 to 20 minutes cooking a meal, it is a rare day. I am all about quick and easy.

So... to make a pie didn't seem like "quick and easy." But, I thought I would take a challenge and bake one for Thanksgiving. Luckily my mom was readily available to answer my 500 million texts and walk me through the process, which in hindsight was pretty simple.

Now that you are probably {and should be} thoroughly impressed I have a confession:

Yup. Store bought pie crust. I think I am a hopeless cause. Baby steps people, baby steps.

Anyways, this is the final product. Doesn't look bad huh? Ryan's grandmother offered me 2 tips {knowing that it was my first pie}. First, was that it could use a bit more sugar... she also prefaced that with, "I guess we don't need the sugar though." Second, not as much salt in the pastry... I'll be writing Pillsbury about that one.

I'll consider it a success.


{spoon wipe}

I was noticing today, as I was feeding Mr. Baby, that after every bite I gave him, I also gave his face a nice "spoon wipe". You know the one. Where you take the empty spoon and scrape all around the mouth to get the massive surplus of food that has spewed out of those little lips. It may sound gross, but it takes talent people - a true art! Actually, the gross part is when you take the scraped off food, and then feed it back to them, and they gladly take it. Hmmmm.

Ryan remarked how annoyed he would be if someone had to give his face a spoon wipe every couple of seconds. I agree. Mr. Baby doesn't seem to mind though. In fact when I do it numerous times in a row it makes him giggle. I much prefer the giggle, than the violent head turning and whining when I go to wipe his mouth with a wet cloth.

This is Brody right after his first "real" food meal back in July. It is quite obvious that I hadn't mastered the art of the spoon wipe yet. Or any kind of wiping for that matter. I mean look at that puddle of rice cereal on the counter. Jeepers! 

I have it down now. And Mr. Baby stays clean. And so do his fingers/hands. So does his high chair.  Basically the whole house can stay clean.... one spoon wipe at a time.



This was me a year ago:


And happy about it.

Look at that belly! It probably tripled in size over the following 3 months.

{This is what we did to entertain ourselves at Thanksgiving Dinner}

And this year, I have him:

Look what I grew in that belly! Talk about being thankful! Wowza!

What are you thankful for this year?



A few years ago my mother in law decided it was time to get some chickens. My husband thought this was a great idea, and so she got some for us too. 12 for her. 12 for us. 24 in total.

It was decided to raise them at our house, since we have a nice out building for that sort of thing. That was fine. Normally I like baby animals, but chickens aren't that cuddly, or super cute.

One summer day the in-laws dog {Kali the Cow Dog}, somehow got into the chicken coop.  She ended quite a few of the little chicks lives. Some by bites, and mostly from them being just plain freaked out.  This was the start to a sad journey for these 24 chickens.  Over the last couple of years, slowly but surely the once large group of chickens, was dwindled down to 3. The hearty 3! Chic, Kendra, and Lois. It has just been the three of them for almost 2 years now. And I have actually grown quite fond of them. They provide me with the perfect amount of eggs {although sometimes I have to search for them}, they eat lots and lots of spiders and bugs, and they provide endless entertainment while taunting our cats. I appreciate how "safe" they are also - making sure that they are up to roost at least a couple of hours before sundown. They are so smart.

{This is Kendra - she has the largest comb that kinda flops to the side}

Just yesterday I noticed that Kendra wasn't doing so well.  She is like the Queen Chick too. Not sure if something got a hold of her, but she is missing lots of feathers, and looks kind of skinny. The cold of Idaho hasn't been treating her well.

I think that we will be putting a massive heat lamp in their coop asap. Gotta try to save the hearty 3!

I also think that this next spring we will be getting some more chicks {you know the ones, that lay blue eggs}. Which calls for a new coop.

{I bought the blue prints for this already:)}

Hopefully Kendra can live long enough to enjoy the lovely little coop!


{why denim and plaid?}

When searching for my URL, I got to thinking about what my life consists of.  Nothing really popped out at me as a good web name though.  But as I was doing the daily grind, and while looking around, I realized there is an awful lot of denim and plaid in this household!

I mean isn't that what all farmers wear?

And their sons?

Plaid shirts and plaid jackets....

Plaid shirts and plaid pants...

Plaid, plaid, plaid.

Mr. Baby looks like he is ready to go out and work with daddy.

The hubby's closet... minus the huge pile of shirts he has sitting on the guest room bed, hoping that someone will iron them.

We are surrounded by plaid. 

And of course denim. I didn't dare start taking pictures of the amount of jeans that I own. Some of which are in a stack, high in my closet, just waiting for me to lose 5 more pounds so they can come down and play! 

Ryan has his own slight fetish with *the denim* also. Boy oh boy. We could probably clothe a small city in denim and plaid.

I like it. It fits. 

So that is my URL, and it is here to stay!
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