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oh hey, friday | farewell

Well friends, this is it.
A final oh hey, friday!
AND, well... I'm okay with that.

So, nothing like a little farewell post to plug my own business ventures!
Well, one business venture really.


I am starting a fun little business for brand photography and instagram marketing!
IF you have any products that you are making and selling, OR just need professional product photos taken, I'm your gal. (email me here)
I have been doing mostly kids clothes BUT I have a few new jobs in the works (non clothing related) and I am so excited.
Go and give my IG a follow HERE.
And check out my unfinished website HERE.

2 | FARM
Well, the farm isn't necessarily a new business venture, BUT our office kind of is.
My parent's are coming to the farm next week and I am thrilled to put my dad to work on helping finish our office/homeschool room.
It will be a while before I get to decorate it, BUT its currently in studs, with a concrete floor.
SO, really anything is progress.
Once there is any progress to share, I will try to that on my personal IG stores.
Follow me HERE.

I get a bunch of questions regarding homeschooling.
Assuming I can get my blogging act together, I will be posting more regularly about homeschool.
What are the types of things you would be interested in seeing?
Any specific questions you'd like answered?
Give it to me!
This blog has gotta get it's feet back.

My sweet little Beckam is having a birthday very very soon.
He really wanted a bounce house, because... who doesn't?
And while I don't make super cute invitations, my gal Karli does!
So cute!!
Go to her Etsy site HERE, and stock up on invites!!

My children are obviously the most talented models ever. Ha.
They get their fair share of time in front of the lens.
I share all of their precious little poses and outfits over at their personal IG page... HERE.

Ok, there you have it.
A whole lot of goodness for you, and a lot of following that you need to do.

And a lot less plugs from me in the near future.

Have a happy weekend, and a very happy mother's day to all you mama's out there.
I'll be enjoying some time at a spa without my children.

Now, FINAL link up. Go.


oh hey, friday | the beginning of the end + the cutest kids clothes with discount codes

Some important news, before I continue with my post...

Next week will be our last oh hey, friday.

With summer upon us, and farming/life at an all time high level of busyness, it's time for a break.
Also, this link-up is dying a slow and painful death.
This just means... I need to start randomly blogging again.
Like on a day other than Friday.
Not because anyone cares... but because it is basically my current life journal.

SO, mark that down.
Next Friday.
We bid farewell to this super fun link up that has brought together so many amazing bloggers.
You all are the best.

Now, moving on...

It's no secret that I am obsessed my children.
And also with small shops.

I thought this was an excellent opportunity to share, once again, some of my faves... along with some discount codes for you all.

1 | periwinkle jazz
We are lifers with Periwinkle Jazz.
She has the cutest prints, the best fit, and amazing customer service.
Also, not just for boys... proof...
 Go to her shop HERE and snag some goodies with code TEAMFARMER.

2 | sheady baby
Sheady baby has a huge range in tees.
You can get them for your kids, your grandma, yourself.
She has SO many tee and ink options.
Superb customer service.
AND she is about to pop out a precious baby girl. yay!
So head to the shop HERE and use code TEAMSHEADY at checkout while she is pushing through orders fast.

3 | george hats
Now that summer and heat is here, we are all about hats, all the time.
AND these are the cutest accessories for your littles.
Plus, there are some darling hats that have a more girly theme to them, for all you girl mamas.
Head to George Hats HERE and use code FRIENDSGH10 for discount.

4 | fancy frogz
How adorable is this overall romper!?
I am obsessed with it.
It is even cute on precious Bennett with his bare arms. Ha.
Go and find this, along with some other organic cotton goodies that just dropped at Fancy Frogz.
Shop HERE.

5 | hen house apparel
Hen house has adorable clothes, but most of all I like the fact that they have "little clicker" shirts.
And "mother clicker". ha.
But really, all of their handmade kids clothes are adorable! 
This exact romper is no longer available, but there are others very similar.
Also, the pink cardigan paired with the Periwinkle Jazz goodies in number {1} is from her shop.
Go check her shop out HERE and use code JOHNSONBOYS15 for a discount.

Side note...
If you want to see all of these darling items actually on my precious kids, go and follow their own IG account (@3minifarmers) HERE.
Also, all of these flat lays are a part of a fun new business venture of mine. 
More on that soon... but if you need any product pictures done, I'm your gal!

Link up time!!
AND have a fabulous weekend.


oh hey, friday | brody takes pictures + SOME are gold

Brody has decided that he LOVES to take pictures.
Sometimes I am a little taken back by the things that he chooses to capture...
but that is the glory of digital cameras.

Today's post is dedicated to my sweet 6 year old's new hobby.

1 | dirt
When I look through his hundreds of photos, I find that about 50% of them are of dirty spots around my house.
Like actual dirt. Not like a mess.
Things that I didn't realize were that dirty, until I saw his photos.
Maybe he is trying to tell me something through the art of photography.
Like... "hey mom, this has been dirty for a little while now, and I've noticed you aren't cleaning it, why don't you go ahead an hop on that, eh?"
And they are ALL at child level... imagine that.
These farm boys sure know how to make a mess.
I will spare you any actual photos, because I'm embarrassed.

2 | heads
The next 15% of his photos are usually of the back of peoples heads.
Or the top of Bennett's head.
Or blurry Beckam because he won't hold still for poor photography Brody.
Again, I will spare you.

3 | furniture
10 % are furniture shots.
Pillows on the couch.
The chair in the corner, etc.
You get the idea.

4 | toys
A good 20% of his pics are of his toys.
In fact, he even set up a little lego photoshoot one day.
(Probably because his subjects don't move.)
Taking a picture of every single one of his legos separately.
I managed to find one with a couple included...

5 | GOLD
And lastly, he has about a 5% margin of GOLD.
Whether he so graciously cuts me out to focus on this precious...
Or, he captures Beckam in a moment of yogurt bliss (all while getting the perfect blurred background)...
 OR, he sneaks up and gets a priceless pic of me reading to Bennett....

He is bound for greatness folks.
And I couldn't be more proud of him!

Now... more gold and less dirt. Ha.

Ok friends, it's link up time!!

Grab this html, slap it on your post, and link up below!! :)

Happy weekend.


oh hey, friday | adult egg hunts + ROAD TRIP!

It is currently 10:30 Thursday night, and I am sitting here waiting for some banana bread to bake.
I don't even know why I thought it was a good idea to do this when I am already going to get about zero hours of sleep.

We are waking up in four hours to drive to WA to my farmer's sister's house.
Her littlest cutie is turning one.
AND her other two boys have birthdays too.
And it is my mother in laws birthday.
Basically it is birthday season.

I am not going to write about 5 things, because... I'm feeling rebellious.
But I am going to share with you our Easter.
Last week I shared with you some things that I was planning on doing.
We did exactly ONE of them.
Colored our eggs.
And I didn't even take pictures.

Our super fun hungry hungry hippos game we were going to play... amazon failed me, and the balls didn't arrive on time.
EVEN when I overnighted them on Wednesday.

I also didn't bake a thing.
And no one even cared.

Our day went a little something like this...
My in laws and Karli and her family showed up at 10.
We ate a super delicious, and pretty healthy, brunch.
The farmer's chatted nonstop farming, while the kids ran around happily screaming.
We made them all stop to take pictures, which no one was excited about...
except maybe these two...

Then we hid a bunch of eggs for the kids find.
We like to get that part over with quickly, because we all know, that the best part about easter is actually the adult egg hunts.
We put Bennett down for a nap, and a movie on for the big kids, and then we got busy.

This years rules were as follows:
-break up into teams of two.
-one team of two hides the eggs.
-when the hunt begins, you and your partner must always be either holding hands, or holding onto the basket tougher.
- team with the most eggs wins.
Side note: My farmer decided to surprise us all, and come out dressed as a pokemon.
Karli's farmer is pretending to NOT like it, but we all know that is lie.
He proceeded to wear it for the rest of the day also.

I don't want to brag, but I'm pretty sure Karli and I won all of the egg hunts.
We also hid them pretty good.

After the intense competition, we decided to keep it up and play some baseball with the kids.
There were definitely some home runs (not by me) and significant amount of strike outs (by me).

It was, yet again, a perfect day!

What did you do!?
Leave a comment and tell me all about it.

AND then link up!

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