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oh hey, friday | why is my baby awake at midnight?

I'm not sure if you noticed or not, but I actually blogged a couple of times this week.
Not sure what got into me!
You may also notice, that we have a fun little fall oh hey, friday button for you all!

So, before I go any further, if you are here to link up grab the code below the button and add it into your html on your blog post.

Now, moving on to my five.

1 | cali
I am leaving this afternoon with my littlest man and heading to California for a couple of days.
My childhood bestie is getting hitched, and it is going to be an awesome whirlwind weekend with friends and family.

2 | family photos
I have just over one week until we are getting our family photos taken.
Does anyone else get anxious about getting their pics taken?
What am I going to wear?
What are my kids going to wear?
How do we look good together but not too matchy-match?
How am I going to hide my double chin in every picture?
I am still working on all of the above, but I hope I have it figured out in a week.
I welcome any and all pointers. 

3 | scar face
If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that my sweet Beckam has a big ol' slash down his precious face.
He has had a rough week, for sure!
And all at the hand of his big brother. 
Let's just all hope that there isn't a trip to the hospital while I am away this weekend. 

4 | school room
Our school room is nearly complete.
I will do a full blog post soon, but here is a little sneak peek.

5 | bennett
It is currently midnight and Bennett is on my lap squealing, refusing to fall back asleep.
It is a good thing he's cute.

Have a great weekend friends!
Happy Fall. :)


yellowstone family adventures

Well, better a month late than never right!?
We had so much fun on our family trip to Yellowstone, that I just had to document via blog.
Because if you don't blog about it, does it really happen?

This should most likely be split up into like three posts, but I certainly don't have time for that.
So, photo dump it is!

As stated in a previous blog post, we borrowed the in-laws motorhome for this adventure.
Also known as, "the only way to EVER travel with children."

Our first stop was before Yellowstone, at Bear World.
We had gone a couple of years ago, and Brody LOVED it.
Not so much because of the baby bear cubs OR full size bears that were mere feet away from you, but for the handful of carnival type rides that you could ride an endless amount of time and snow cones.
The next day, we headed into Yellowstone Park. 
There were some quick photoshoots that morning...
 And then a nice hike... which was accompanied by an awful lot of whining from the children.
We had to cut our hike short, due to not only the whining, but we also had to get to our "horse drawn carriage"... as Brody liked to call it. 
These massive horses took us out to a campout. 
We had some great food, cowboy coffee, and some good old fashioned camp fire stories. 
It was fun, and the boys especially liked that they were given the reigns for a bit on the ride back.
The next day we had to get up early to get to another appointment.
Some were easier to wake than others.
But we were able to pull it together and make way to the lake.
We planned a guided fishing trip, and this was probably our highlight.
We had plenty of bites, and even a few catches, but they all had to be released.
Our guide, James, let the boys drive the boat all the way back to the dock though, so that was a huge highlight for them.
OH, and we also saw this guy sitting directly next to a bison!
The rangers made the guy leave, and the bison was still there solo when we returned. 

We had a super fun little picnic/campfire/play session at a beach there before heading off to Old Faithful.
 And we were lucky enough to get to Old Faithful just a couple of minutes before it blew.
Ryan went into the lodge before the crowds filtered in and snagged the boys some ice cream and this frozen lemonade that Bennett was quite pleased with and perplexed by. Ha. 
We then headed South and down through the Tetons.
I was surprised at the lack of Bison in the park, but as soon as we got out there was a HUGE herd right on the road.
We stayed one last night in Lava Hot Springs, in hopes of going to their big water park the next day, BUT they were closed randomly.
We didn't let that get us down though and enjoyed out campsite by the water...
 And then drove much closer to home and went to a Hot Springs before heading home.
It was a fun and FULL few days, but we had the best time ever!
I love my little family and can't get enough of them.


styling a three year old | joyaltee

Over the past few months I started "shopping small" for a lot of my kids' clothing. 
You may have read the post I did last month on my favorite small shops.
If you didn't, you can find it HERE.
I will be updating that with some new shops soon, but I had to tell you about one today.

Joyaltee is a new favorite.
They make all of their pants from upcycled and reused garments and textiles. 
I love this because everything is a little different and unique... like all of our kids, right!?
I mean... look at Beckam's "scar face" as of a few days ago....
These pants are from Joyaltee, and Beckam is obsessed with them. 
They are warm, cozy, versatile and best of all... he doesn't need my help to undo his pants to go to the bathroom. 
So many wins. 
Oh, and he is convinced that they make him run extra fast. 
These are pretty neutral and will be a part of the "uniform collection" in her shop.
She has some awesome statement pieces also.
I mean, just think back to some of the wild shirts that you have once owned, and then turn those into some rad pants. 
It's like perfection in sewing.
The one thing that never gets old with small shops is their dedication to making every single piece by hand. 
Cut and sewn with love. 
So much dedication and pride going into it.
And because I love Alix and her shop, I thought you should read a bit about her from her own words...

"I am a SAHM to two beautiful kids, 2 and 3 years old. :)
I started making and selling baby clothes because I wanted to have cool, fun, one of a kind clothing for my tiny people, that expressed their personalities!
I have my BS in Textile Manufacturing and Marketing as well as in Fashion Merchandising, both from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. 
I have been sewing for 25+ years and up until recently I was running a company named, Mamaka Mills, making custom Memory Quilts.
I'm having a blast making baby clothes from recycled t-shirts!!"

She's a true gem.
Go check out and follow all of their sites here...
website | instagram | facebook | pinterest

I have to say that their instagram in one of my favorites.
I love watching them tie dye on the IG live, and the occasional peeks of Alix's hubby in his short shorts is awesome.

And I also like to peruse every piece made because they are like pieces of artwork.

Now, go and tell Alix hi, and buy your kid an amazing pair of pants while you are at it!


oh hey, friday | good intentions + boys + i need your HELP

You guys... I have every intention of being a good blogger.
And I certainly have enough material to write about.
I just... don't. have. time.

Exhibit A.
It is 1:00 am and I am sitting here in the dark of my house writing this post.
Why? You might ask.
I have been out in the office, putting journal entries into our Quickbooks.
Also... reconciling, which I secretly love.

And I am doing this in the very late hours because that is when the children sleep.

Children and reconciling don't mix.

Enough about that though.
Since I'm here, how about a little update?

1 | Bennett
I took Bennett to his 9 month check up yesterday.
We all know this kid is big and healthy, but the doctor confirmed it.
Mr. 95th percentile!

As glad as I am that he is doing great in the growth department, it's kind of sad that my last baby has to be the most monstrous.

It appears that he let this news go to his head.
After the appointment I took his picture, and this was HIS choice pose.
Does he think he's posing for senior pictures already??

2 | Beckam
Oh, this sweet child of mine.
My cuddle guy.
Gosh I love him.
Lately, like always, he has been enjoying playing/laying in any and all dirt/mud he can find.
I am having him play outside as much as possible since the cool weather has come on with a vengeance.
I am already dreading winter when I can't kick them out to play for hours at a time.

3 | Brody
I have been absolutely loving the time I get with Brody when I homeschool him.
I am trying to get him to learn Spanish.
Which of course means that I am learning Spanish.
Those 2 years I took in high school are a distant memory now.
So far he can ask me my name and see how I'm doing.
And he knows water, red and friend.
We are off to a good start.

4 | HELP
This is my last harvest of the year.
We went through SO many peaches and nectarines, and now I am onto PEARS.
I have 5 huge sacks full.
Any favorite recipes you have that I need to know about!?

I am going to a wedding next weekend and I have yet to purchase a dress to wear.
Honestly I haven't even looked, and that is bad.
So, I need your help...
Best place to look?
Do you have a dress you have and love, that I should also have and love?
Send me some links friends!!!

Ok. I'm off.

Grab this html, put it on your post, and then head back here to link up at the bottom!


Have a fabulous weekend friends!

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